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  1. Damn it, the release date is E S T I M A T E D, again, ESTIMATED, that means we weren't sure if it will be delayed or not, so we gave a fully aproximate date. It's few days off the estimation and people are already freaking out.

  2. you.

    1. Dizzy
    2. Denzel


      Damn it, the release date is E S T I M A T E D, again, ESTIMATED, that means we weren't sure if it will be delayed or not, so we gave a fully aproximate date. It's few days off the estimation and people are already freaking out.

  3. The Beatles were originally called "The Beetles" (spelled correctly). But John Lennon suggested change in spelling, inspired by his passion for beating women.

  4. first to reply to this status is gao

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      You want to write diary too?

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  5. Although she's relatively new to the server, she has earned experience and knowledge through extensive gameplay, such as checking the rules and basic mechanics of the server. Regardless of the simple time spent on the server, I know her and in my opinion, she would be very helpful as part of the staff team, also friendly and professional towards fellow staff members. I recommend.
  6. His english seems above average compared to the average player around, and the application looks like effort was put in. Although, you seem like you only want justice, and we're not specifically looking for Batman here, you are supposed to be willingly dedicate your time towards improving player's gameplay by giving them tips and stuff like that, punishing rulebreakers is just a part of this "job". Regardless, I recommend him, you seem to have potential.
  7. @GoodDay , I agree with your point of view that some parts of the map should be redone for a more interesting touch, specially bases, although let it be known that the developer is already fixing bugs that testers missed out. I am a also against the idea of multiple DM stadiums, since we'd want players to focus more on the main gameplay which is a Team DeathMatch. That's why we don't have racing stadiums or stunts arenas, because that's not the server's theme. My opinion, same as GoodDay's, is that the server needs maps that are more interesting and provides more action mid-combat. Not only that, the server would need to give players some sort of "goal", because not everyone is interested in having as many kills as possible. Achievements should be added and some sort of titles, for example receiving an achievement for how many headshots you've given, or receiving an achievement for all sorts of stuff. Anything that would make a player be like "damn I really want this thing", making him work for it.
  8. Clean english, trusted and well known player of this community The application looks neat, short and simple, but enough at the same time. Recommended.
  9. Applicant has been observed in-game, and I also have read his application, but unfortunately I do not recommend him due to poor english. You've stated "whenever I login to this server there is at least one hacker" but the server has been released few hours ago, and since then, several staff members have been online to ensure that those cheaters are punished. Actually, we have plenty of staff members and much of them are online at all times, that's why I would prefer the management to choose quality over quantity. Disrecommended.
  10. Trytee

    Finally banned

    hopefully this is not the typical "guys i'll leave today cuz i gotta go to the store and clean my desk, but i'll be back tomorrow" thread
  11. You have been caught several times, even recently, going in the RPG server, trolling them and putting yourself in a lot of trouble. Above that, I don't think there's someone that's willing to work beside a 11 year old. Your application looks good enough, although you wanted a chance to prove yourself, and you've proven yourself by trolling the RPG server. Perhaps you would've more chances if you wouldn't have done that. I disrecommend hiring him.
  12. good, i was starting to wonder what that name actually means, now I can rest easy knowing that it doesn't mean a thing.
  13. jack white,why do i remember one TDM manager named like this
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