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  1. What is your in-game name? Joe Magaddino Which player(s) do you want to report? Halad_Sultan When did the rulebreak happen? 04/17/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? He lieyed at admin so I get permaban + revange What happened? (quote what rule was broken) after he lieyed at admin and he come back to my house and i got banned for backing after death but he did too and he keep playing like nothing happen and now he robbed my house just cause he know i'm banned + revange and i'm pretty sure no one cares so i'm asking myself sometimes wtf i'm doing and wast my time Evidence idh
  2. i will not do it again bro but just tell me why i'm there and i'll never lie about anything
  3. from the lvl 9 i didn't do any bad thing i report people i got reported and all ends with every one leave.
  4. i got killed near my house so i respawn in my house i didn't do any act i just get in my car and i got shooted again. then they reported me and admin didn't made a sit
  5. i deserve them and i was new here and first time i join an rp server.
  6. i said polcas lilith i got killed at my house i respawn in same place i didn't do any action i was going to get in my bike they killed me and report for back after death
  7. What is your in-game name? Joe Magaddino Which staff member banned you? Polcas When did you get banned? 04/16/20 What is the ban reason? return after death + bad history punishment Personal comment i was jump with bike they carjack me i carjack my bike back they killed me and rob i respawn i got in bike they report and kill me so the admin sow me in same pls in just 3 sec after death but i respawn in my house who i got killed there u can check my deaths all by same gang try to kill me every time when they sow me but it's okay that's the truth u can call here back after death next time i shouldn't respawn in my house i repawn in fd or /q and back after a year.
  8. What is your in-game name? Joe_Magaddino Which staff member banned you? polcas When did you get banned? 04/16/20 What is the ban reason? back after death + bad history Personal comment my house at gas9 so i respawn there i get in my car the they report me and killed me and i got banned
  9. she was supected by server she was in car i used /b1 she escaped me i /su her for evade then the car engine stop of her so she get out and shoot at me i shoot back i knocked her and i can't seize so i robed the marked money it all about 1k i used /me sheaching for ilegal stuffs then i robed only the marked money then she report and the admin never ask what happen he start talk about anither stuffs
  10. he already reply to my report ( Frank_Thompson)
  11. I was doing my job so i arrest girl called laura she report me for poor rp then it wasn't true i have proofs the admin didn't even talk about the report he talked about other reports that he didn't even made sit for them then he made a decision by him self
  12. I guess i got removed from duty for a wrong reason.
  13. i'll be so much happy if he send me proofs about deathmatch and revange cause i'll never did that and i'll be much happy if he show me proofs and i'll acccept it but i'm sure i didn't do anyone of them i even apply forums for 3 days to get rank up did i look like i'm gonna lost all my work ?
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