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  1. What is your in-game name? Mohammad_Aldawi Which player(s) do you want to report? /id ramon_Dominguez When did the rulebreak happen? 05/29/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? DM + Kill at Safe Zone What happened? (quote what rule was broken) i was go from (Grove Street TO lsfd) after they come to me and kill out rp with 3 guys i not remember his names and they lie to admin and they say i was g oto ammonution but i go from grove street Evidence [20:40:20] (( Ramon_Dominguez: MARKET AMMU )) [20:38:36] (( {FF0000}Albert_Castiglione{BF62DA}: On safezone? )) [20:38:37] (( Ramon_Dominguez: she was even spectating )) [20:20:23] (( Antonio_Mejia: I can finish him. )) [20:20:25] PM from Ezabila_Stokes (88): allowed [20:20:25] PM to Ezabila_Stokes (88): they kill me no reson wtf [20:20:31] (( Jesse_James: thats a rude rp )) [20:20:36] PM to Ezabila_Stokes (88): alowed in safe zone and i not speak anything WTF [20:20:06] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [20:20:06] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [20:20:08] Jesse James shouts: bashar al asad good?! [20:20:09] You cannot talk, you are knocked. [20:20:25] PM from Ezabila_Stokes (88): allowed [20:20:25] PM to Ezabila_Stokes (88): they kill me no reson wtf
  2. ifi do anything bad again ban me for ever and i never try to unban my self
  3. with what i need swear to belive me ? i never do that again
  4. Your in-game name Hamody_Aztecas Player(s) being Reported Ahmed_Triad Date of the rulebreak 05/19/2020 Witness(es) johnsottco What happened? (quote what rule was broken) the player lie to admin they say is shoot out and i have no gun Evidence they give me admin jail for shootout
  5. with what i need to swear to you this is finall chanse for him please i swear they not do again
  6. not like that adam shoot the sky ballas members start shooting after adam shoot and kill him
  7. What is your in-game name? Adam_Shaher Which staff member banned you? Quintavius_Carpenter When did you get banned? 05/15/2020 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment in real the happen is ballas try kill adam after adam kill him ballas admin got him ban but why admin do that they not get a chanse to fix his peoblem
  8. no in worng my planedown in gs9 after no any ballas dead and admin say you kill no reson ?
  9. and ballas kill me befere no reson and retarn after death but admin say no is revive but me end him idk how revive ..
  10. mybe is kill me before 2 days and i back to kill him i back after 2 days i not want admin say you retarn after death and i not use gun my plane in worng drop in ballas (Mazen how help ballas) ban me before i say anything
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