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  1. What is your in-game name? Boza_Gvardia Which staff member banned you? Polcas_Lansky When did you get banned? 03/23/20 What is the ban reason? Speed Hack Personal comment Polcas, I am truly sorry you believe that I've been dishonest with you. The truth is that I've installed a CLEO script for "vehicle acceleration" for the sole reason of getting to places faster, mainly due to my HQ being super far from the play zone. The cheat works by accelerating your driving speed by pressing the ALT key on your keyboard. On a few occasions (about right before the ban), I've been distracted by a Discord call and may have pressed the key at random times, not even paying attention to the game. I had no intentions to harm anybody. I've found it unfairly helpful once while running away from the police, but that's about the only time that I've used it in a combat-like scenario. I really have no other reason for installing the hack other than the ones listed above. I don't know what else to say, honestly man. Dizzy_Walker has instructed me to install Mudoo's CAC, in order to assure the staff team that I won't be using any third party software moving forward. Please have mercy and lift my ban man. What's happening in my country now is too depressing to watch, and playing on this server has been a really effective distraction. Thank you, Boza_Gvardia
  2. Definitely. Our HQ is based in San Fierro, and it's exhausting to go SF->LS (and vice versa) by car 20 times a day. When all the driving adds up, it literally amounts to 2-3 hours of my day going solely to that. It's honestly frustrating... However, I understand that rules are rules, and I'll certainly respect them and abide them from now on (that is, if you decide to lift my ban). Despite all that time having to be literally wasted, there's other super fun things to do in the game that I'd hate to miss out on. (sorry I haven't slept in a while, hope you get what I'm trying to say here, haha)
  3. What is your in-game name? Boza_Gvardia Which staff member banned you? Polcas_Lansky When did you get banned? 03/22/20 What is the ban reason? Speed Hack Personal comment Dear staff members, I'm sorry to admit that I've used a "vehicle acceleration" hack in order to move around the map more swiftly. I apologize for doing so, and I'm here to ask for your forgiveness. In my mind, it didn't seem like that big of a deal, but now that I look at it—it has definitely given me an unfair advantage over non-cheating players. I obviously promise not to use the hack again, as I've honestly fallen in love with the server and really don't wish to lose the ability to play on it because of a speed hack. In hopes of you finding a sense of understanding, I've made this ban appeal. Thanks for reading, Boza_Gvardia
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