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  1. Denzel


    I'm a muslim and i dont see why i should care about some internet kids opinions on my religion, you can either go ingame and have fun or you can just start crying over the internet
  2. Me and Eduardo would like to proceed with this offer with a slight change (We will pay the first half at first then last half at the end of the contract). If you're interested in this offer then feel free to call me or Eduardo.
  3. What an honour, glad to see you back in town!
  4. yeah i cant imagine how shameful it is to be at 3rd position haha
  5. and you do not give a fuck about everyone else, all you care about is money. you're simply doing it for the money and nothing else, and to prove my point more, there are farm functions that you never use because they simply dont give profit (chicken and farm animals etc..) so please stop it with this wE rOlepLay kind of bullshit, wearing a farmer skin then spending hours doing /plant and /harvest is not roleplay sir one more thing, if you really want people to earn money like you do, you could give them part of the profit, an actual taste for what they worked for and not enslaving the shit out of them for a payment of 20k.
  6. haha someone is mad, i wonder why
  7. We won't just "cry", we will take the farms in a legal way.
  8. I might've got an easy shot back then, but its nothing compared to the money you people stole from the poor farmers you hungry infidels!
  9. Yeah, work for 1hour then get paid 30k only, while you earn millions in a short time. This is the perfect example of enslaving and labor. #free_the_farms
  10. everyone should have the rights to use lands! the people of san andreas must rise for their rights!
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