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  1. If you think that getting free armour from PD duty is allowed, then why do we still have ammunations?
  2. Why do you think getting armour for free is allowed? Why are ammunitions selling armour then?
  3. Abusing the script is always bannable. I asked you "would there be a change in your attitude if we consider to unban you" which should be answered with Y/N (Yes / No) You have an extensive punishment history for cop baiting.
  4. It didn't affect anyone around you, true. But what you did was abuse the script to given yourself an advantage, which is considered to be a rule break. If you still stand by your word that the punishment was harsh // wrongly applied then you may re-appeal when you accept your mistakes. Also, you yourself confessed to misuse the script in order to save your vehicle to prevent it from exploding, yet you're still saying that the punishment was harshly applied. Why would we even reconsider to give such a player a second chance? You constantly copbait for fun tha
  5. I still don't trust you. Convince me that you won't break the rules again
  6. Mention what interior you want. Find out a suitable interior with it's ID on the General section
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