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  1. Since you were banned for teleportation hacks recently and now for aimbot, you're forced CAC. Now you have to download this file and copy it to your GTA San Andreas folder. All the instructions are mentioned on this link: www.mudoogaming.com/cac You will be unbanned next month 1st August, 2020
  2. Player has been jailed for 30 minutes. Thanks for reporting
  3. The player has been forced CAC'ed. Thanks for reporting.
  4. The player has been forced CAC'ed. Thanks for reporting
  5. They can shoot you if you steal their vehicle to deliver it to thief. Apparently, these guys were towing the sentinel and you out of nowhere sat inside it and delivered it to thief. Also, the vehicle was being towed and you're required to roleplay unhooking the vehicle from the tow truck's hook. You cannot just sit in a vehicle which is being towed and drive away with it.
  6. Your report is being handled
  7. The player was last online on 22nd June, 2020. Waiting for him to come ig. He's new, I'll explain him the rules first and give him a verbal warning
  8. I believe Enrique was quite clear with his reply on your previous appeal.
  9. You ban evaded 3-4 times already and insulted staff members. Why should we even consider unbanning you?
  10. Appeal after 17th August, 2020. Any appeals made before that will be denied without any replies
  11. As stated before, we've given you enough chances. Also, Richard Jones clearly mentioned to appeal after 2 months i.e 17th August, 2020. Do note since your punishment is excessive including 4 full bans, you may not get unbanned. Edit: one ban was expunged. Hence now he had only 3 full bans. Should be considered unbanning after 17th August, 2020 (if he appeals)
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