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  1. What is your in-game name? Saito_Lamoulaga Which staff member banned you? Jake Peralta When did you get banned? 12/12/74 What is the ban reason? Deathmatch Personal comment Hey, so Jake Peralta banned me and my friend Bassem_Lamoulaga for "Deathmatch", but i think this ban is unlegit because we don't really do a DM, i'm gonna explain. So, my friend and me saw a man who was doing an ATM with C4, so we approach him, and I see there is a guy behind the guy who is doing the ATM who wants to steal the money, the guy stealed the money and stole my car and he rams me so I started shooting at him because he stoled ATM money and my car, after that we try to rob the one who made the ATM and he doesn't RP fear. So I decided to kill him because he doesn't do the Fear RP and the guy who stoled the money disconnect when he is knocked, after that we get frozed by the admin Jake_Peralta, we explicated to him we don't rob the guy etc. After that, Jake decided to ban me and Bassem for deathmatch, that's not deathmatch we can refund the people we killed, please give me a last chance and I wil not DM in your server, I know it's my second ban appeal, but I really want to play on your server and I think my ban was injustified.
  2. Up, i really want to play and i excuse my ban evade.
  3. What is your in-game name? Saito_Lamoulaga Which staff member banned you? Derek Shelby When did you get banned? 01/19/38 What is the ban reason? Money farming Personal comment Hey, so i'm permanently banned for money farming by Derek_Shelby. First, I ban evaded two times because I loved this server and my friends were playing this server so I wanted to play with them, I didn't know that you can get permanently banned so I asked to my friend to make accounts on VPN to give me money and I give him the money back on his first account. I really want to play your server because I love him and my friends are still playing in. Can you give me a second chance? Because I really want to play because play in ban evade is stupid and I get banned for that, what I would never do again if i'm unbanned. Also I was invested on your server, I was level 5 in only 2 days so I played a lot and i'm not here for cheat or something. If you unban me I swear I would not do it again. Please give me a last chance.
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