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SA:MP COD:GW Manager
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Amine last won the day on August 8 2018

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  1. Amine

    Staff Roster

    Resigned as Junior admin(2): Vladrm
  2. Discord User: Amine#8723  Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Amine_Loch  Random number:43
  3. Discord User: Amine#8723 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Amine_Loch  Random number:66
  4. 1- I see him sometimes ig he seems to be experienced as he said. 2- Well you're a helper in RPG server don't know If you can manage to adminstrate in both servers at the sametime, But If you can then: Recommended.
  5. I don't know to be honest about him, As I don't see him usually, But I will stay neutral right now.
  6. Well he is not mature enough to be honest as I've seen him sometimes and his activity isn't stable. Disrecommended.
  7. I've seen him ig multiple times and I came up to see that he is +Helpfull +Fully active +Friendly and fits in the staff team. Recommended.
  8. Place your house location, and the offer below it.
  9. He's an helpfull player from what I've seen In-game, His english abilities are good, Not toxic and probably patiente. Recommended.
  10. To be honest, I saw you multiple times ig, I remember you were not immature enough to fit in the staff team and your english as well doesn't meet the requirments to be accepted as a staff team. Disrecommended.
  11. Happy Birthday Morais wish u all the best
  12. Work on your maturity untill then im going neutral
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