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  1. Work on your maturity untill then im going neutral
  2. Look i will make this quick @Mr.Yousef, you quite to avoid dying by a hacker, Well we could set your deaths back instead of this reaction but this is not the only time you reacted like that, Assassin will take care of this, cut his states and he will be unbanned after 3 hours because tou admited that and friendly somehow.
  3. Well i saw you many times in game actually i see you all the time in game you are trying hard to cover your negative points Such as your english language capacity and other thing and that's good, You are one of the most active players in game and a helpful person and friendly with players and specialy with admins and i really appreciate that, I will recommend you for now and do not waste this chance Dominik I expect more from you and try to improove your self for us and don't let me down dominik bro. Good Luck.
  4. Recommended: +Active +Old player +Mature +Patiente +Soo Friendly
  5. Improove your self for us, I will stay neutral for now.
  6. Improove your self to us and then i will give you my vote, I will stay neutral
  7. Sorry but i will say "No" for being: -Immature -Not helpful -Impatiente
  8. Dir-Recommended -Not helpful at all -Not mature enough -Inactive
  9. Look, After you got banned in your old account(Predator) you had to make a ban request to make everything easy for you, What do you think you can solve your problem by creating another account like nothing happend before, Sorry to say but that's not how it works sir.
  10. Look we are not stupid to ban for an invalide reason, you were banned by oussema and dark lord as well, Is it hard to admit and make a ban request? Your old account(Predator Titan) got banned by dark lord himself and you're just trying to evade your ban, It's useless to start fooling at us and you know what we are talking about verywell, As dark lord said you have 2 weeks to make a ban request or stay banned.

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