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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

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  1. This is the last time I'm giving you a chance, you're aware of casino scam rule and if you broke it again you will be banned for ever, unbanned in 12th
  2. There are some points I need to state here: 1) You basically gambled with money you don't have which isn't allowed. 2) You were given 10 mins to give back the money but you actually did not give back anything. 3) You were with Jack McCarthy in his car and you wasn't 'working' as what you saying. 4) You already have a Dice ban on you for casino scamming. Why should I un-ban you? will you ever change? will you stop scamming people?
  3. You can judge my RP but I really don't give a shit about your opinion and the fact you're here arguing here that you're banned by me and that I didn't reply to your ban appeal and I spent 5 min spectating you, I aint really gonna waste my time shit-talking with you because it will be just time waste here and flooding the topic
  4. Why are you crying lol? At least I role-played frisking. You're just proving nothing, I won't write a whole big ass role-play line until an enemy comes and kill me and if we came to this point people be like "me pats the dog" "me pats the asshole" and you will obviously say there's nothing wrong with then you have 0 permission to judge my role-play based on 1 line at least I don't go in the street with my patriot exploding PD cruisers claiming I'm cleaning them. Hopefully you will stop this shit.
  5. Player has been punished, thanks for reporting.
  6. I'll be handling this report, please remain silent until I investigate the report.
  7. I will be handling this report, you may remain silent until then.
  8. You will be unbanned in 18th August, 2020, topic will be locked until then.
  9. Unbanned, please do not repeat the same thing again.
  10. You literally helped your friend by thief delivering his vehicle and giving him money which is farming money which is NOT allowed. I wonder what kind of players are you, level 17 and doesn't know a single rule or something called "Script abuse" When you /thief deliver your car it says you cannot so you decided to help your friend doing it.
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