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  1. What is your in-game name? Mitroglou_Lamoulaga Which staff member banned you? Derek_Shelby When did you get banned? 03/26/20 What is the ban reason? keybind/macro Personal comment I was banned for keybind because the administrator believed I was AFK because he hadn't seen any radio messages (and I did'nt answer him beacause I didn't pay attetion to his ooc messages (like all ooc messages, besides I confuse them with /ask so I don't even to look at them.) I have keybind but I was not AFK, it was just to click on X instead of make the command. Chatlog [11:15:47] *** [1 | 9950] Heuss Lamoulaga: viens jeff motel [11:15:52] *** [1 | 9950] Heuss Lamoulaga: ça va faire une transac [11:16:21] *** [1 | 9950] Mitroglou Lamoulaga: transac dans l cente commercial [11:15:31] (( {FF0000}Derek_Shelby{BF62DA}: Last chance. )) [11:15:33] You caught a Sturgeon! [11:15:42] * [1 | 9950] Heuss Lamoulaga: Bassem [11:15:44] (( {FF0000}Derek_Shelby{BF62DA}: Are you here or no? ))
  2. Well, I will clearly assume my facts (and I apologize for the above messages, I was a little pissed off (nothing to do with the ban)), I cheat TP from building to building because I was stuck in the middle of the countryside because my boat was exploding for a reason that I don't know (it jumped in the air and fell underwater, suddenly the engine caught fire) and I didn't want to make the trip on foot just for this bug, I guess I cheated but in no case I used this cheat on previous actions which allowed me to benefit from it on others, it is the first time that I use this cheat and uninstalled it directly when I was banned. I apologize once again for the inconvenience and I assure you that it will not happen again.
  3. In this proven case that it is I who cheat, if you are too lazy to manage a unban, leave the administration team right?
  4. What is your in-game name? Mitroglou_Lamoulaga Which staff member banned you? Charles_McCane When did you get banned? 03/24/20 What is the ban reason? cheat tp Personal comment Hi, I just got banned for cheat TP, except that I didn't cheat, someone had fun with me TP on the roofs, blowing up my boat and TP me everywhere. Besides, it would be very stupid to cheat at this time because I just came out of a 3h de pêche. I do not understand why it is me who is banned and not the one who TP me. Please release me, I want RP tonight. Thanks for have read my request.
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