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Linda Meyers

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  1. @Jones Hello, i think now i deserve a chance to back to mudoo because it should not cost me to be permanently banned from mudoo so i hope you give me a chance to back and that will be kind of you.
  2. how dumb are you really lol? 

  3. @Rachel After i told them will be reported they quit forever but the problem is if they back with another user accounts this is the problem
  4. What is your in-game name? Linda Meyers Which staff member banned you? Danny Winters When did you get banned? 03/18/2020 What is the ban reason? Poor Roleplay Personal comment Hello, Everyone should have chances and i got the high chances and it was 4 or 3 chances so i want to know if i can just have the last chance so maybe you like to give me a chance and i will start recording every Shootout happen. [If it doesn't look i'm getting unban forever then tell me that]
  5. Everyone say Happy Birthday @Ramo
  6. @Assassin Hello, Please just check this report because i'm really saying they are hacking.
  7. Your in-game name [ET]Mira Player(s) being Reported Jovanca_Gvardia Date of the rulebreak 05/13/2020 Witness(es) [ET]Astrix What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I know hackers from their aim, i see there is something different going on like he is hacking or what? So i ask something that When Assasin go on admin duty I killed Jovanca like easy but after he off duty he killed 3 not 1 and 1 was using combat and 2 desert eagle so i don't have anything to say here you can say if he is hacking or what. Evidence https://imgur.com/a/fUhwDqj https://imgur.com/a/ZcRY0iZ
  8. The Best Community In SA:MP
  9. A Gif for M:TDM Staff Members
  10. A gift to M:RP Assistant Staff
  11. Who need GIFS/Profile for discord Message me
  12. San Andreas Police Department GIF
  13. The Gambino Family GIF For Dizzy
  14. Your in-game name [ET]Mira Player(s) being Reported Gustas_Aztecas Date of the rulebreak 05/11/2020 Witness(es) Nobody What happened? (quote what rule was broken) He wasn't losing any shoot and he was using [Aimbot] as in the video show. Evidence https://imgur.com/daenx3i https://imgur.com/ek26RZZ
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