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  1. Looking good my man, keep it up!
  2. Get a pal to report him ICly. PD bodycam, city cameras and PD cameras would have recorded the use of unauthorised, personal weaponry.
  3. Julio

    Farewell Mudoo Gaming!

    So long. Best of luck with your future endeavours.
  4. Additionally, I just saw this post: Implying that IRL you are only allowed 3 friend groups.
  5. I see the stickied topic is locked to keep it clean. Few talking points: 1. You do realise the "scripted allies" has a restriction of 3? 2. This idea is actually restrictive of RP. Alliances are not formed based on "huehue lets group up," they're formed based on multiple IC meetings, they have defined hierarchies, representatives. Internal arguments are often seen and dealt with - Everything to do with its formation and maintenance is based on an IC issue. Frankly, the rule is dogshit. It tells me: 1. It's not allowed for a close friend to help me in trouble just because we aren't in a scripted alliance 2. RP alliances are dead - On an RP server, because logic 3. Alliances are based on an OOC script restriction. Remove the limit to the number of scripted alliances and perhaps this rule is worth a discussion. Otherwise, frankly, it's crap. Thoughts?
  6. No, I just never actually put it back on. Some of our younger members would have gone along with it though, as I believe the person that said this was either a mod or helper themselves at the time.
  7. To be honest I think how police try to RP with civilians was summed up in a recent situation I was in. I removed my mask before being cuffed which is allowed as until I'm cuffed/restrained, my hands are free to do whatever I please, and in /b they immediately started telling me to put my mask back on just so they could remove it - it's not just that the officer wanted to "win," they wanted the satisfaction of me "losing" a 60k mask (despite me actually having legitimately done nothing wrong). Quotes below: [15:46:38] (( <redacted name>: Put back your mask. )) [15:46:46] (( Julio_Murphy: No, some fucker wil grab it )) [15:46:54] (( <redacted name>: Yes we should. )) [15:46:58] (( <redacted name>: Put it back Helper. )) [15:47:05] (( Julio_Murphy: No. )) Until this type of attitude changes, civilians and police will never RP together peacefully. This situation only occurred as I chose to comply. You can bet that next time, with this particular officer, I'll be calling backup and/or opening fire. EDIT: I will add though, this isn't about all officers at all, probably about the same proportion as criminals who don't wish to RP.
  8. We're just going to run round in circles with this forever. We can remove the reason alliances are so large (turfs and smuggle)... at the risk you lose a lot of players as that's all they know.
  9. "I was a cop, had someone cuffed and was treating him so I could rescue him with all the necessary roleplay and he just accepted death like there's no tomorrow. I reported and some new admin told me it's allowed." Regardless of whether the admin was new or not, they're correct. When a player is knocked they can RP dying and refuse your revive. Refer to the rules list.
  10. This topic is cancer. The two agents should just admit wrongdoing, the rest of the server should just admit it was a bit of fun. Fucking drama. Love each other.
  11. Looks like a bit of a witch hunt, yes they shouldn't have done it, I guess they were fooling around and didn't expect the officer to blow his brains out. Lessons learned, move on. Doesn't need a forum topic or one more word of discussion. EDIT: Admin team getting pissy as the management locked down a topic they unlocked. RIP.
  12. Julio


    To be fair, if we punished based on all non-realistic role-play we wouldn't have any players, hah. 16. MISUSE OF NON-ROLEPLAY AND ROLEPLAY INFORMATION This rule prohibits the ways of misuse of roleplay and non-roleplay information, either by using information you obtained through non-roleplay ways in a roleplay situation, or by using non-roleplay chats to roleplay. Roleplay chats: Walkie-talkie Shouts Megaphone Whisper Local talk Phone Non-roleplay chats: Public chat Ask chat Private messages Group messages Local out of roleplay chat (( /b )) Additional notes: /do is for describing environment, not for speaking, chatting and other such use. /me is for describing an action, not for speaking, chatting and other such use. Example: [#01] John Doe uses /pm to Jane Doe in order to organize a drug deal between them. [#02] John Doe uses /p to ask if anybody wishes to purchase his house. [#03] John Doe uses /gm to call for backup while getting kidnapped. Minimal punishment: Warning on first offense. Admin jail up to 15 minutes on second offense. Admin jail up to 30 minutes on third offense. Permanent ban if continued.
  13. It does seem very reasonable, to me, to assume that two masked individuals in a black Buffalo are FBI gathering evidence. For a group that has been stung multiple times by the FBI, IC you would expect them to be particularly switched on about watching for suspicious activity. The screenshot above shows a man wearing sunglasses, with cuffs and an ID badge. Looks like FBI to me, the reason to pursue proved valid.
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