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  1. I will be handling this report.
  2. Player had some issues with his electricity energy problems, which he surrendered himself back when he went online. No punishment was appointed at this player, thanks for reporting in. L&A.
  3. Hello there, What did you learned from your punishment? Also explain me why we should unban you this time?
  4. I will be handling this report.
  5. Player has been verbally warned for his actions, thanks for reporting in. Locked.
  6. The report has been concluded, player has been punished. Locked.
  7. Can you explain yourself here? @Nairo
  8. Hey there, I will be handling this report.
  9. The player is banned from server, report closed. L&A.
  10. Hello there, I will be handling this report.
  11. Good luck with dealership, all the best!
  12. That’s what every criminal have on their tiny brains to do after looking at any cop which is alone. Yeah now comments will be that im taking sides but that’s the sad truth of being a criminal.
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