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  1. That table is weird as fuck.
  2. Group Name: Central Side Crew Group Members: Octavius Finney, Brendan Finney, Raul Finney, Dexter Gildrig, Christian Gilbert, Pepe Santos, Enes Soprano, Flynn McGregor, Ricky Martin, Salvatore DeLuca, Derek Hale, Marko Montana Group Leader(for the Event): Craze (Daniel Clifton) Group Skin 2 Group Topic(Forum): Chance to attend at the First day with atleast 3 Member: HIGH
  3. The map looks good overall but I am highly against the any objects placed on other properties or close to them, i.e. the sign next to my building in Market to which I think you should consider removing so I can have the exterior mapped.
  4. Ramo

    Some new changes

    Do you think there would still be a 50-50 vote?
  5. I referred to my intention not to pay Damon at all as he gave it for free to others as well. And it was not worth it because it is only 5,00USD. But since I cannot prove my intention I admit to have discussed and attempted to trade in game cash for a Nitro subscription.
  6. I believe I did not try to make excuses or twist this situation. I admitted my wrongdoings and tried to explain it from my perspective. I did it because I was not aware it would be forbidden. I understand the position of the management and therefore understand I am banned.
  7. I admit to have made an attempt to trade a Nitro subscription for in game cash. I understand the ban is the consequence of this attempt.
  8. These messages were just said without going into detail. 500K in game cash for a year Nitro subscription worth of 100USD. Of course nobody would agree to such a trade. Eventually it is Discord. Things are said, discussed and joked about. Some people appear to choose to misuse it. I have already admitted discussing this idea was not right.
  9. I often warn people for log nitpicking by the management. My only concern was for the management to read one particular phrase or message and then get accused of things that are half true. The 500K in game cash for a year Nitro subscription should not be taken literally or out of context. This comment was made during a longer conversation. We never really discussed this as a serious offer for obvious reasons.
  10. Speaking of honesty, I actually never intended to pay Damon in game cash. Multiple people can confirm since I have shared it on Discord before I was banned. Perhaps that is the reason I am banned for an attempt. I have never denied receiving the Discord subscription, I have admitted that agreeing to send him in game money would have been wrong.
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