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  1. You had a lot more than those $2,000 so saying you were not able to pay it is just an excuse to initiate a shootout. And you may fire at cops if you're wanted and they're still chasing after you, not over a traffic stop. Killing a cop over a traffic stop is considered as poor roleplay.
  2. First one is an in character issue and not an administrative one. They called for more officers in case you attempted to escape or they had to take you into custody. Doesn't matter if you afford it or not, a fine is a fine. Anyhow even if you have been suspected, you were to escape the area and not go in a 3v10 shootout. And no, we don't favor cops over criminal groups, I run a criminal group myself. You're here because you were given a chance to play fresh despite being permanently banned on your previous account, yet you decided to rulebreak anyway.
  3. You didn't ban evade? Your entire account was made for the purpose of ban evading. We decided to let you play as long as you follow the rules and play properly by them. You didn't and hence why you're here. The cops pulled you over for a traffic stop and you just exited your vehicle while the officer was speaking to you, and just opened fire on him, causing a whole TDM shootout between your group and SAPD.
  4. Quite a new player. Will be spoken to though, thanks for reporting. You can post a refund request here for your lost money.
  5. To be unbanned on the 25th of May, 2019.
  6. Approximate or exact time of this incident? For managers to be able to check the logs quicker.
  7. I'm hoping that you've removed your illegal modifications from your game considering you're appealing your ban. These are the conditions that you'll have to agree on if you wish to be unbanned; 1) 80% of your wealth/networth is removed upon unban. 2) You'll be forced to use an anti-cheat client CAC.
  8. Ramo


    Did you really just say a mosque is stupid? FYI, the mapper who mapped the Mosque is a muslim himself so you're pretty much disrespecting his real home's mosque by insulting the map as he stated that it looks very similar to the one he goes to.
  9. Great. To be unbanned on the 18th of May, 2019. Ensure that by the time you're unbanned, you have read the rules from top to bottom. This WILL be your last chance.
  10. Considering you have been banned multiple times, this was a really tough decision to make. I'll allow you the last and final chance that the previous administrator that handled your ban appeal months ago didn't do. I hope that you will remain honest as well as pledge to not break any server rules whatsoever. You'll also need to agree to the following conditions if you are meant to be unbanned; 1) 1 single punishment by any staff member and you'll be permanently banned; 2) 80% of your wealth/networth is removed upon unban. Do you agree with the conditions that were stated above?
  11. Taevion Knox entered the server under an alias 'Marion_Light' and admitted to being previously banned right after being asked. Player was notified that he is breaking the server rules by ban evasion to which he replied that he only wishes another chance of playing. Taevion/Marion was told to post a ban appeal considering his ban was 4 months old, for a POSSIBILITY that we'll allow him the final chance. He left the server immediately and went to post a ban appeal. Considering the administrator that banned you is no longer a member of staff, I'll be handling your ban appeal. Ban evading will result in a denial to your appeal.
  12. Denied for ban evading and multiaccounting as "Jake_Zyrus".
  13. I hope that you have deleted every illegal modification from your device, and I hope that you won't be back in the unban section again any time soon. You'll be unbanned on Wednesday, 15th of May, 2019.
  14. Seems like it's not the first time you rulebreak in order to win shootouts considering you were also banned twice for c-bugging. Also your constant ban evading didn't help your appeal. Will be reviewed on the 1st of July, 2019. If you ban evade or bother any members of the staff about your application, they are instructed to deny your appeal. On the review date will let you know if you're being unbanned or not. So far, it doesn't look like you're getting unbanned anytime soon.
  15. Do you admit that you have used aimbot?
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