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  1. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICS Vice Governor Brendan Finney saves the family dog 'Dexter' Vice Governor Brendan Finney has decided to join the Los Santos Fire Department's emergency response team to experience the bravery and dedication of the men and women that have given themselves for public service. Vice Governor Finney spoke with several firefighters to map out the current issues of the department and to d
  2. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL NATIONAL Former Chief of Police saves man from choking An afro-american twenty four year old pedestrian who was choking on a jelly bean is lucky to be alive thanks to the quick-thinking of the former Chief of Police Weston Lockeheed who swiftly performed the Heimlich maneuver, forcing him to cough said jelly bean - moving it out of his airway. The twenty four
  3. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL NATIONAL SAN ANDREAS IMPOUND & TOWING PRIVATIZED Privatization deals promise an increase in efficiency. Applied to impound and towing service in San Andreas, does this promise hold any water? During the San United administration of Brendan Finney, a privatization deal was carried out whereby a public asset was sold to a private company. The rationale behin
  4. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL CRIME Las Venturas shooting: At least 20 dead at Come-A-Lot Ammunation At least 20 people have been killed and another 26 injured in a mass shooting at the Las Venturas Ammunation. Heavily armed gunmen opened fire from outside the ammunation towards the gas station and the casino across the street. The gunmen were shot and killed
  5. Name: RH69 Comment: I'm not a fan of Glen Park per se but Governor Richie Kavanagh is one of the few Governors who took initiative in renovating and upgrading San Andreas. I believe that you're spreading fake news regarding the State Government dipping in Police funds as Governor R. Kavanagh is quite a big fan of Law Enforcement and would never do anything to decrease their funding.
  6. Cannot attend but the Irish shall be there.
  7. What is your in-game name? Bryce Patterson Which player(s) do you want to report? Ned Jacobs, Stefano Magaddino, Jageera Reznov, leo lloyd, Viktor Danilov & Co. When did the rulebreak happen? 09/02/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? James_Kavanagh, Robert_Amato, Frank_Amato, William_Parker, Aria_Bengo What happened? (quote what rule was broken) SECTION II: TURF RULES AND PROCEDURES 2. Turf attackers may only be attacked by the turf defender group an
  8. So rather than taking 1 property that covers everything, you've decided to take the only remaining properties I have of value meanwhile you unbanned without any assets taken to Carlo Gambino just because he offered a couple of real life currency? That's pretty low, even for you. I believe that you would have taken the entire exact amount you require if not more by taking my casino. The assets you are taking have a market value similar to Market Ammunation's, and yet, you're seizing both of them with the falsity of "40%" rather than returning them to their actual owner. This makes as much sense
  9. I don't quite see the reasoning behind this due to the following; You used the normal values for the farms of $5mil and $800K despite that's not their market value while you've created a random market value for the vehicles despite that's not being their market value as well as did not use their original dealer values. I also fail to see how you're not taking entire Four Dragons casino, worth of $20,000,000 rather than those or allow me to pay the total sum you require with cash.
  10. This appeal is most definitely not frightening, overawing, or with a threatening effect. I've personally apologised to Enrique on countless occasions regarding this incident and as stated privately to him as well as Terry, from the bottom of my heart, it is with my sincere apologies and I know it's an unforgivable act and nothing that I can say or do will ever take back what I did but hopefully I will somehow be able to make amends one way or another in the future, whether within the community or not. I'm sincerely sorry to both Enrique and Terry as well as the community as a wh
  11. Your best teacher is your last mistake.

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    2. Ramo


      From Google: It's meaning is identical to “You learn from your mistakes”. It basically means that whenever you do a mistake,you come to know that what you did was wrong. You LEARN and it is the mistake that TEACHES you and in the future you don't repeat that mistake. Hence your last mistake is the best teacher.

    3. karci_
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      oh yes

      i understand


  12. I believe the event's host is Richie Kavanagh.
  13. I never stated that we're the best roleplayers to ever exist. I just responded to your invalid arguments.
  14. What videos are you referring to? Marcello's deathmatch montages? They're just that, deathmatch montages. Nothing to do with our group's roleplay. Just recordings of him breaking bones. And regarding our screens, but we post a lot of meetings and chattings between players, there's the 'story line' on the third post in the front page. The group council requires us to post such so we do as we're required.
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