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  1. Are you implying that being autistic is a bad thing? Wow. You're a disgrace.
  2. What is your in-game name? Declan_Finney Which player(s) do you want to report? Antonio_Hewitt/Bret_Maverick, Thomas_Hewitt/Mark_Brown/Andeey_Cake. When did the rulebreak happen? 07/12/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Octavius_Finney, Brendan_Finney, Raul_Finney, Toph_Gonzalez. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) That's the main rule that I was able to quote as there are some unwritten common sense rules that are involved such as a Helper encouraging deathmatch (duel), trying to incite players into the 'failure to roleplay' rule. Some screenshots are self explanatory. Antonio messaging Toph Gonzalez: Antonio messaging Octavius Finney: Thomas encouraging deathmatch: Thomas trying to get Declan Finney punished. Long story short: A week ago or so, FBI has posted a court case against multiple players, with Antonio and Thomas as witnesses. Antonio Hewitt camped in front of CSC HQ, the day after, staring at us. Gambinos attempted to rob him, we saved him and wanted to question him regarding his presence at the HQ. Antonio ran over a player and escaped to Pershing Square and camping there, with the intent that he is safe there and that we would be breaking the safe zone rules if we chased after him there. We chased him there and had him surrounded. He started spamming OOCly that this was a rulebreak, while alt tabbing asking for help from FBI that he was being kidnapped. He spent around ten to fifteen minutes spamming and yelling with an admin included while on aduty to handle the situation. He wasted time for his buddies to come and save him. Due to this, management assumed that it was connected to the court case, which resulted with Matthew attaching a note on my account stating that I broke a rule "roleplaying while in FBI Holdings", which resulted in the negative after being investigated by Tyrone. Yesterday night, Thomas approached me, knowingly that I am still in FBI Holdings, trying to gather information about my actual character to attempt to use it against us in the court case. These two players have been harassing others non-stop for quite some time which resulted in a player in having a mental break down with their witchhunt. Whether this is a game or not, does not matter. Abuse is still abuse. Clearly the two are quite toxic towards others and someone should put them in their seat before they continue to escalate. Thank you, D. Finney. Evidence Shown above.
  3. Needs more TDMs like the Minigun and the other one. Maybe another with sniper.
  4. This is in fact no longer a valid sale since he is no longer the property's owner.
  5. Maybe give the Governor title a bit more power, that way some players might be more interested in becoming one. Such as different taxes on every city, different taxes on every toll, ability to have some control within SAPD, and so on.
  6. Selling a Sultan including nos and switch wheels. Custom plated by it's first owner in red "Abo al Sex" meaning "Father of Sex". It's value is estimated at $3mil. Selling for $2mil (Reduced to sell). Fixed price.
  7. Auction it in the right section.
  8. Ramo

    My watch has ended.

    So feisty, Billy.
  9. Ramo

    My watch has ended.

    Farewell Marcello, drop by from time to time to let us know how you're doing mate. I hope I see you around!
  10. He's currently already mapping two custom interiors for two different groups. You can always hit him up regarding what you'd like to be mapped and given an approximate quotation for his services.
  11. Poor roleplay = shit roleplay. Doesn't matter if you had $500,000 or $1, if you are issued a ticket, you can try and see if the officer is willing to just give you a verbal warning instead but if you refuse to take the ticket, you're going to be taken to jail. It's as simple as that. In the case that you are refusing to take the issued ticket, you have two options; 1) Go to jail; 2) Escapee and evade. I did not add any rules in your ban regarding you being outnumbered, despite that being the case. You exited the vehicle and just started shooting over a traffic stop. And to respond to your paragraph about Kacper & a cadet. From the way you described it, it was a pretty much a misunderstanding but you were in an active shootout perimeter. You were shot at and instead of surrendering, you evaded, forcing them to chase after you. You lost the right to report anything the second you started shooting. You either report, or you shoot back. But there was nothing to report anyhow considering it was an in character issue and not an administrative one. If you do not understand a specific server rule, you're always free to ask any Moderator+. Once you've understood that you were in the wrong to open fire over a traffic stop rather than evading or paying the ticket, we'll move on to whether we should allow you the last chance.
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