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  1. Added: There's five minutes before his login. [11:23:58] * Tom_Magaddino (19) logged in to the server. [11:28:11] {B5B5B5}Tom_Magaddino (19){FFFFFF}: the fuck/
  2. What is your in-game name? Declan_Kavanagh Which player(s) do you want to report? Tom_Magaddino When did the rulebreak happen? 05/22/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Knox_McGyver, Flavio_Aresco, Sergio_Gadino, Zoro_Magaddino, Author_Magaddino, Stefano_Magaddino, and some others from their team. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) 12. FALSE REPORTING The act of submitting reports against players who did not breach rules, especially in cases where reports are made merely due to losing a situation. This is only the case if the reporter knew or reasonably could know that no rules were broken. Evidence Myself and Knox were called in to provide assistance to Sergio Gardino regarding Magaddinos interfering in his business. We responded by picking up Knox at Hunter Quarry and proceeded to search for Huza Magaddino. We found him at the Strip, Las Venturas. Magaddino initiated and also shot at my vehicle (logs can confirm). [11:27:27] Huza Magaddino shouts: handsup! [11:27:39] * Declan Kavanagh unbuckles their seatbelt. [11:27:41] *** [2 | 9998] Declan Kavanagh pressed his panic button at The Strip, Las Venturas [11:27:53] *** [2 | 9998] Allen Foley: omw * Shootout between four of my guys/allies against six of theirs. * * They got knocked and one of ours did as well. * [11:28:51] *** [2 | 9998] Sergio Gadino: All down. [11:28:58] *** [2 | 9998] Sergio Gadino: I'll go get bls, our man is down [11:29:01] * Author Magaddino die due to high blood pressure. [11:29:06] * Declan Kavanagh taps Author. [11:29:07] *** [2 | 9998] Allen Foley: coming [11:29:08] *** [2 | 9998] Mask_30216: Is Muka still alive? [11:29:15] *** [2 | 9998] Mask_30216: Huza* [11:29:17] * Zoro Magaddino dies due to heavy blood loose [11:29:22] * Sergio Gadino frisks Flavio [11:29:29] * Sergio Gadino takes the BLS kit from his Body. Everything was roleplayed accordingly. I was shot at by Author Gambino (not sure if there was anyone else), I landed my chopper, got out and sniped. I did not see nametags nor chat of who was logging in and out. Player reported me in-game as well as on forums.
  3. Ramo

    Happy Birthday Ramo

    Cheers to everyone.
  4. Ramo

    Happy Birthday Ramo

    Thank you lads!
  5. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Westbrooks suggests gun ban By: Gabriel Resuscu | 12th May, 2020. Newly elected Governor Ace Westbrooks promised in his first official statement on Monday to take guns off the streets. The Governor referred to his election victory and thanked it to his sympathetic ear during campaigning. The contradictory statement is remarkable enough as Governor Westbrooks specifically campaigned for the right to self defence and the right to protect your possessions. The legal sales and distribution of firearms are one of the most important pillars of the San Andreas' economy. Taking the guns away from citizens is most likely going to have disastrous consequences for our society. Governor Ace Westbrooks faces a huge challenge in legislating this promise as it will contravene the Article I protected constitutional right to bear arms. While large caliber rifles are already forbidden, people are anxiously waiting what will happen to their right to bear arms. (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  6. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Ace Westbrooks' public conference By: Bery Bumpkin | 4th May, 2020. Ace Westbrooks holds long-awaited public conference. With the race for the position of Governor now fully underway, Ace Westbrooks looked to inspire party members and undecided voters alike with a speech about government, libertarianism and democracy. The event was briefly interrupted when an unknown assailant opened fire at the Libertarian Democrat Party’s candidate. Luckily the situation could be quickly resolved because of the large police presence at the event, a sight we are getting used to seeing during this political campaign. The Governor candidate did not seem all too affected by the commotion, as his speech continued shortly after. The rest of the event passed without further incidents. With only days remaining until election day, Los Santos’ citizens are quickly making up their minds. All we know: It’s going to be a close race! (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  7. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Richie Kavanagh's fundraiser hits $2m By: Bery Bumpkin | 2nd May, 2020. First public event for governor candidate Richie Kavanagh (Fianna Fall) attracted many prominent figures. On Wednesday the 29th of April the governor candidate and his vice-governor Julio Murphy made their first public appearances. The Fianna Fall republican party kicked off the campaigning season with a fundraiser held at Club 55, Palomino Creek. The fundraiser gathered a total of $2,100,000. During the course of the event Mr Kavanagh was seen speaking to different government officials, as well as members of the court and the LSPD, who seemed eager to discuss the candidate’s manifesto in person. The presence of public figures including Ben Blake and Leonardo Carter at the scene was reflected by the safety precautions taken by the political party. With private security as well as FBI and local PD at the scene, the event passed without any incidents. After cheques were written, discussions were held and many hands were shaken, Mr Kavanagh and Mr Murphy took the stage to deliver a final speech which concluded the event. Photos: Declan Trager (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  8. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Richie Kavanagh officially announces run for governor By: Declan Trager | 30th April, 2020. Richie Kavanagh is officially running for governor of San Andreas. The Modern Liberal announced Sunday he is mounting a challenge against incumbent Libertarian Democrat Ace Westbrooks. During his announcement speech in Palomino Creek, Kavanagh stressed the importance of purifying corruption and funding government agencies. He added the state should be working to make taxes, housing and health care more affordable. “Folks are frustrated with government as usual and they’d rather there be folks looking out for them — really fighting for them — in the executive office,” Kavanagh told reporters on Sunday. For weeks, Mr Kavanagh said he had been undecided on whether he would run for governor, as he weighed family responsibility and the future of his fishing business, Hell’s Kitchen. At S.A.N. News, Governor Candidate Richie Kavanagh was contacted and an interview was scheduled with S.A.N. News Trial Interview Journalist Liza Stokes. Summary: Governor Candidate Kavanagh and his Vice were both born and raised in Ireland. They’ve started from the bottom of the barrel and built their own success with their bare hands. Kavanagh plans to purify the corruption within Law Enforcement agencies along with free legal aid to citizens of San Andreas. Kavanagh also stated that fixing the tax rates as well as increasing funds for EMS is a priority. He added that he also plans on scheduling quarterly award ceremonies for the state as well as promoting and supporting local business owners. The candidate also stated that he plans to introduce housing and landscape projects as well as re-evaluating the necessity of Mudoo tower. Vice Governor Candidate Julio Murphy added that their political party translates to “Soldiers of Destiny” as they believe “destined to improve the state of living, for everyone.” Murphy finally added that they will be “fighting for everyone”. (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  9. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Unconstitutional Congress Proceedings By: Patty Tschappat | 30th April, 2020. As a result of the Congressional Oversight committee hearing, the United States Congress has sentenced former Staff Sergeant C. McCane to six months in prison and restricted Lead Trooper K. Kowalski in his positions within the police department. The committee needed less than three days to investigate two divisions of the San Andreas Police Department, determine the purpose of a division as well as the available budgets of the police department, analyse five Congressional statements, formulate its findings and conclusion, as well as determine the unconstitutional punishments. As the legislative branch, the United States Congress seems to have abused its powers and the purpose of its Oversight committee by launching an investigation solely into the necessity of a police division and to expose wrongdoings by certain high-ranked police officials. The investigation is without a legislative purpose and conclusions are poorly motivated. The Congressional committee has sentenced former Staff Sergeant C. McCane without a a fair judicial trial and limited the career perspectives of Lead Trooper K. Kowalski. With numerous federal agents seating in the Congressional Oversight committee, the committee seems to be diverted and turned into a law enforcement agency. (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  10. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL NATIONAL S.W.A.T. Commander found guilty of perjury By: Declan Trager | 29th April, 2020. Former Commander Charles McCane giving a speech Chief of Police Eduardo Santos was forced to dismiss Charles McCane from the rankings of Commander of Special Weapons and Tactics as well as Staff Sergeant of the San Andreas Police Department after he was found guilty of perjury by Congressional Oversight committee after an investigation had been initiated into creation of the Crime Suppression Division also known as C.S.D, after such creation was disagreed with by the President of the United States of San Andreas, Dylan Parker. On the 27th of April, 2020, Congressional Oversight committee had launched an investigation into the creation of this particular division to determine; 1) whether such division was necessary; 2) it's objectives; 3) whether there's enough personnel for a new division; & 4) whether there was enough funding for such a new task force. During the Congressional hearing, Chief of Police Eduardo Santos, Captain Shane Williams, Lieutenant Stock Smith, former Staff Sergeant Charles McCane, and Lead Trooper Kacper Kowalski were summoned for cross examination by the committee and it resulted with former Staff Sergeant Charles McCane lying under oath, getting himself dismissed as well as his pension being removed, as well as having the new division to be dismantled. (( Use the following format below to write a comment. )) [b]Username:[/b] [b]Comment:[/b]
  11. What is your in-game name? Declan_Kavanagh Which player(s) do you want to report? Ivan_Atenas When did the rulebreak happen? 04/16/20 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Christian_Ryan, Liza_Queen What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We had a shootout. He was knocked. Went to him, roleplay'd frisking and he /q'd to avoid robbery. Evidence [17:01:52] * Mask_89636 pats Ivan. [17:01:52] * Ivan_Atenas (49) left the server (disconnected). [17:02:05] You made a support ticket which is #3 in queue. [17:02:37] Andrew_Clarson (30) is now looking into your submitted support request. [17:02:37] {FF0000}Andrew_Clarson{DDA2F0} says: Report him on forums
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