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  1. I told you i will rp seriously. Cause i like this server i will change my name and show i dont make any problèmes just i want to come back please
  2. i really want to come back on the server . im bored on the other server cause mudoo is the best rp server i never play. i dont says that for my unban chance i really like mudoo
  3. I want to keep roleplaying on mudoo cause i like this server.the tempban who give by quintavius is unfair. And i already show my friend this server . I just want to play good rp
  4. Now its good i remove my antillag and i can see tree now and i want to says sorry for my antillag now i see is not allowed but i dont use aimbot
  5. ok i reapeat again i dont have aimbot. and you talk about my antillag ( wicth this i got more fps cause i have a bad pc i gonna remove this ) but i told you again and again i dont have aimbot
  6. What is your in-game name? Medrick_Lamoulaga Which staff member banned you? admin Eren_Stockes When did you get banned? 04/01/20 What is the ban reason? aimbot Personal comment this admin banned me cause het hink i got aimbot but i dont. im just training on wars server ( you can be strong and dont have aimbot) clearly if you think im aimbot dont unbane me . but i know i dont have aimbot and i can swear on my mom . + when you got volunter look if they no how to shoot before they cryin in support for hacks
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