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  1. JinN

    Player map icons

    nahhh remove blips.
  2. JinN


    Look at this server is a Medium/light RP and they don't have a PLAYER BLIPS.
  3. JinN

    Player map icons

    Remove it permanently.
  4. JinN


  5. JinN


    what should i do?
  6. "Jin_Foreman" this is mine, and that "kalikbot" was my shity younger brother.
  7. What is your in-game name? Kalikbot_kalimot Which staff member banned you? Quintavious_Carpenter When did you get banned? 03/31/20 What is the ban reason? Not here to RP+ behaviour Personal comment Please Unban me Asap its just a Non RP behaviour you can just do a Admin Jail for that.
  8. I miss the fucking server. I want to play now please.
  9. I will let that Kid to play on my PC or Roleplay server again. because he usually playing DM servers and TDM servers. that's why he doesn't know the rules and meaning of RP(roleplay) servers.
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