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  1. I always get what I want.

    1. CraZe




    2. Mikro


      I heard what you want is a forum mute. So here you go.

    3. Salvatore


      Stop embarrassing yourself 

  2. I'll start this topic by showing the motive behind making it, REDACTED PARAGRAPH Saying that someone is a scammer, OOC'ly is not against any rules nor a ban-able behavior, so why am I getting this message?? Basically she is probably playing the "victim" card, trying to win admins' sympathy and getting them to protect her. Well I have been there so I know how it's like, I protected that girl multiple times, I even made a topic asking for a rule or actions to be taken just to protect her. click here to see that topic for reference. I even managed to convince staff members to teleport her out of a kidnapping situation risking keeping my "clean" punishment history for her (which is a big deal for me) So yeah I meant it when I said I understand what that admin is feeling, been there. Literally been there. Still doesn't justify his request/threatening that are made up on non existing rule. Here on forums we got a topic just about rules, here is all the OOC rules we got: 01. RESPECT 02. ABUSE OF BUG AND EXPLOITS 03. HACKING 04. CHAT RULES 05. ADMINISTRATOR'S DECISION IS FINAL 06. PUNISHMENT EVASION 07. TRADE OR SALE OF GAME ITEMS OR ACCOUNTS 08. USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS 09. COMMON SENSE 10. ABUSE OR MISUSE OF SCRIPTS 11. TOXICITY 12. FALSE REPORTING None of those includes "cyberbullying" but of course the manager might say it's a "common sense" rule or "it falls under the toxicity rule". Which both ways would be none sense, you know why? Simply because I did NOT bully anyone, I can go into details about exactly what happened but it's really pointless as none of the details would change anything. Here's what happened in very very short. I trusted the wrong person (of course my bad) that person turned out dishonest, and ended up taking all my money, quite literally all 15m CASH, Well while we can "argue" back and fourth about who is actually in the wrong, there are same "facts" needs to be stated. I gave money, I asked for it back, didn't get anything back, Called out the scammer for who they are and what they did. REDACTED PARAGRAPH - Unneeded provocations The ban is unjustified, I contributed in the server while I was here, kept a clean punishment history and I was simply waiting for my request to "delete" my account to be over with, which is why I kept checking the forums waiting for an answer @Leonardo can confirm (sorry for the tag but you're indeed needed as Eduardo said need to talk to a manager so we can talk here), so it's very weird way to "ban" for something as silly as this, a person getting scammed can't at least cry about the 15m scam lol, let me get my rage out for fuck sake. If I had to guess, REDACTED SENTENCE, I'd like to think about myself as a decent person. REDACTED PARAGRAPH You couldn't even let me leave in peace, this is really really disappointing, Well I took the correct decision when I decided to leave Mudoo for good here's another reason to be added to the list. (I'll tag @LocMax because why not lol you always have an opinion, Hey there this part is an attempt to make people smile) I hope this topic continues and doesn't get locked/closed, I like matters being solved publicly as it a proven that people tend to be more "fair" under the public eyes.
  3. GoToSleep


    Some groups like TIM never scam, it's a rule there. Try them, Yes shootouts are important but focus on RP you'll have more fun and eventually the warehouse will come along.
  4. GoToSleep


    The thing is BCR is making really silly excuse, Mudoo is STILL RP server for fuck sake, you HAVE to RP if you want the official status, That status is given to the groups that higher the RP standards, the groups that contribute to off good impressions to the server, TIM, Gva, and LM always RP, they find enemies to RP with as well, People RP, people seriously RP in Mudoo, if you start doing it you'll find others too, but let's be honest here, you guys only play for the shootouts as if it's a DM server. Mudoo is very welcoming to everyone(other communities they won't let anyone with not so perfect English play on their server) but sadly that's the main cause of low RP standards but please you gotta understand that to be official you have to be above the low standards otherwise why you think the official status even exist? Grind for it, RP for real, enjoy the RP gameplay for the sole purpose of RPing, that way you'll get it.
  5. I actually love the change It's better for the criminals, Cops can't possibly gather and be ready as they usually do if they don't know when smuggle is coming, which is amazing. That's better for criminals, the faster and luckier(closer to it's spawned location) can take and deliver it, Usually cops won't arrive on time and if they do they won't be camping on every spot, basically it will be waaay easier than now to deliver. And about weed and acetone, I always buy all, and keep myself a huge storage of them so I don't ever run out, that's being smart. So I won't make a topic crying about how I can't buy any.
  6. I love how desperate those cops in this topic are They clearly were told that gang members won't ever call cops and ofc nor report cops ICly, yet he asked him to do that... Listen you cute cops, managers are on gov side 99% of the time, yet they on the criminals side about this topic, they even showed proofs, To put it simply cops seek for the shootouts, no matter what a criminal do the cop will find a petty excuse to call for backup or start a shootout, just like how cops on this topic being petty defending cops vs the group of people who actually RP more than the majority of the playerbase.
  7. I guess Leonardo and Matthew both on our side with this, Great, now please find a solution for it... Pretty sure if you asked for suggestions people will be more encouraged to give some, which might help out.
  8. This team is easily winning if I didn't bring some CW pros (which I can't do because of lvl 5 rule) Otherwise congratulations, there's no hope for others. Well the only competition would be vs Spagerolli
  9. Criminals have access to Shamals which is obviously OP, they take down hydras with it!!!
  10. Event is over, GG I personally had fun, I hope you all did too.... @LocMax I hope you don't mind me tagging you, you have a good server, a good community keep it up mate, Just don't let the hate get to you, as you say it's "the internet" But you're doing great, everyone who's working on this server is doing great even players, those who RP and make the server interesting to play in, Thank you too. (since the event is over I no longer represent Goldenwind people, if they break rules just ban them xD) I'm going inactive for prob few years as usual, Hope everyone is safe, Bye.
  11. You're also missing my point from my friends' perspective, They enjoy shooting so they want to have some fun in a yearly event, who said they were never invited before? I'm using the event as a way to hook them in, they like shooting and hopefully they'd like the event and stay. (Trust me none of the criminals actually care about the "prize" we just want to have fun at the event that's all)
  12. This is so true, Even tho I'm sure someone will ban me for the number of people I'm bringing that day by a made up rule, I personally don't think inviting friends is a bad thing which is why I'm doing it.
  13. In-game name: Liza Goldenwind Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/2018 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: The turf suddenly stopped capture even tho there's enough people in turf, I think it's because of a flaw in the script, when some members left the turf, it only counted them and didn't count the people who are in the turf Additional content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RDRClVR7Ts https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLH7uRqdYKJg9EodyYUVXvqHGNTTg?e=V26xhe Any dev should be able to detect the bug with the help of the logs...
  14. What is your in-game name? Liza Goldenwind Which player(s) do you want to report? Barto_JattPiscopo When did the rulebreak happen? 06/06/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Christian Ryan What happened? (quote what rule was broken) DM and /q to avoid death? reported? idk why he /q tho He DMed me without saying anything, I first thought maybe he "missclick" since he was saying "HELP" Then he opened fire like a mad man for no reason at all. Evidence
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