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  1. Couldn't you just pm a senior admin about this than making a whole topic??
  2. @eixKeno I want to buy 1k hp with armour wheels, Contact me on 906 Leave me sms.
  3. Buying a Maverick, Drop your offers... Anything above 2.5m, don't bother posting. Thanks.
  4. Regarding this matter I need something to be clarified While cuffed can someone rp this? /Me attempt to headbutt/kick the officer to escape And then do /Attempt If the attempt is success can I run away to my friend who already opened the passenger door for me? And, Ahmed you're the meme legend, massive respect for the entertainment
  5. You're like me lol, I thought I was the only one who want to take this more seriously, But let me sum up their mind set, just keep in mind this is according to my personal view on it, don't take it as a fact. They are enjoying the fact that this is a part of the internet, they don't treat the community here as a private place on the internet they treat it as a public one, It's allowed here to have some rage moments after getting robbed, dying or losing in a situation, Even the owners themselves do their best not to shut anyone up, they let everyone speaks up their mind no matter how stupid or toxic they are... Yet they implemented few boundaries, which can be read in their newly added Toxicity rule, so they actually do care when the toxicity start doing an actual damage, And about admins not enforcing some rules... well that's true, But they're obviously taking some steps into the correct direction, the community have been very okay with all sort of toxicity for so long, so it's a slow process to suddenly change, Back in the day an admin was allowed to troll as much as any player, nowadays there's certain expectations for admins behaviors, Yet as Noah said on his reply to my topic.... Sometimes admins don't read managers topics/announcements, which is also another problem... Long story short they're progressing step by step slowly but steadily... and about what you mentioned above, they obviously rather to let everyone be whoever they want to be, it of course encourage more welcoming atmosphere for young kinds where they can escape reality and let off their toxic energy, they also expect people to have a thicker skin... And if you find someone is being toxic towards you and harassing you multiple times, you can collect evidence and report, only managers can handle this report as toxicity rule states that only managers can handle toxicity reports/cases. Have a nice day/night.
  6. Update: He joined in again, this time I managed to frisk him but then he /q again, Then he joined one more time, but his friends are magically there, of course this is OOC backup to revive him, I want both his team members to get punished for this. but again he did /q afterwards. https://imgur.com/BT9M6LU.png https://imgur.com/nZeIkv5.png https://imgur.com/quJEoXX.png https://imgur.com/Y3jtNWc.png
  7. What is your in-game name? Liza_Goldenwind Which player(s) do you want to report? Jim_Syndicate When did the rulebreak happen? 05/19/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? /q to avoid robbery after getting knocked. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Basically I knew he was cooking heroin at that shack for a long time, I even asked my mates in /wt if they're available as I'm planning to rob him... Told him to handsup, he opened fire immediately so I fired back and knocked him (ps I missed more shots than the shots I got at him yet he called me using aimbot, which is funny) Then when I went to rob him he just /q (idk how many times he did this before, check his punishment history please) Now my report is not only so he'd get punished, I want the stuff I was going to rob his heroin(heroin ingredients as well) and water specifically but.... he just /q IF there's anyway I can get the stuff I was about to rob from him or at least get my armour refill as he damaged me that would be great, otherwise I just wasted armour for him to just /q (rather get the heroin than armour) Evidence
  8. That's great reply... Thank you Noah... Now it's clear for me as a player... The thing is I hope that the rules would be clarified for everyone not just to admins... For example when the toxicity rule was added, it was done perfectly, very clear and loud. I think I'll have some more questions in the future regarding matters like this one... Can I reach you out for those questions? Or should I make topics for them? I'm asking because I'm obviously always being annoyingly loud about anything that bothers me and... It for sure annoys some kids here and there Please answer this and lock this topic Thank you again.
  9. I don't want to talk about one player you obviously say your story from your own perspective, there's a lot going in the background... Anyway your opinion still matter... Hopefully one of the managers can reply to this topic soon.
  10. First of all it's not only about her, it's about lots of situations, she just happen to be one of those situations... And to reply to you, No changing name shouldn't have anything to do with this, it only proves she's targeted OOC'ly since she always dies in the situation how come she's still targeted? Oh and she doesn't bait I can assure you that, she literally avoid logging in at night so she won't get house robbed. explain how someone like this can be "baiting" people, Who likes to get kidnapped and robbed?? I really don't get you.
  11. Any updates about this? Need to know if it's on managers radar and what is the current progress? I just need an answer or at least a confirmation that this is being discussed.
  12. That's an awesome point for a different major topic You usually keep it short but I'm glad you went into details for this, good work
  13. Thanks for the offer but even different admins got different opinions about the matter
  14. The story goes way waaay back... Multiple occasions... Anyway now I understand why you're the only one here saying it's fine, you took part of this
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