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  1. First of all, as criminals, you can evade easily by roaming around Las Venturas because everything is centered around Los Santos. Therefore, it is very hard to find criminals even with player blips. All we can do is /trace but if the suspect's phone is on, but that's a rare occasion. Maybe the radius by which the player blimp is visible can be reduced?
  2. Also, it is hard to make this work with the level of RP this server imposes. There is a huge group of players which constantly power game. As an example, exiting a locked car while being cuffed, running away and hiding. Then I needed to search the whole damn area to find the superman who escaped. Furthermore, many script changes must be implemented in order for this "no name tag" script to work. properly, which is a huge change to this server, and in the meantime the player base could decrease because they do not like to play while the server is drastically changing. Also, you MUST consider the fact that the amount of players are much increased due to the fact that everyone is at their home because of the Corona issue. We all know that the online players rate is going to drop at least 30%, or even more, when all this is over and everything gets back to normal. Having that in mind, playing with no name tags while 30 players are online is a nightmare. This also leads to another fact that it will open up doors for many hacks that are very hard to trace. Also, the RP level of majority of players does not follow up the fact that no blips will be visible. To conclude, I wouldn't do such drastic change to the server as it may cause the player base to decrease a lot and the DM ratio will increase.
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