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  1. Work on your maturity and activity. Not recommended.
  2. I have seen you in game a lot of times. You look mature but try to help newbies a bit otherwise you are fine. Recommended
  3. As you have admitted your mistake so I won't go any further. You will be unbanned after 12 hours. If you are found hacking again, punishment will be harsher.
  4. You are banned on RPG server. How would we know that you won't hack here?
  5. As I see you are new and you are not familiar with server features and commands. So I will go with negative vote.
  6. Immature and toxic. Currently not fit for the position. Improve your behavior to get my vote. Dis-recommended
  7. I saw you helping players in-game and you look mature too. So you have my vote. Recommended
  8. As my fellows have some good views about you so I am giving you my vote. Recommended

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