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  1. Yeah traitors of the motherland.
  2. The Salvation is the codename of combined operation done by Viktor Reznov and his allies against the street criminals and fake gangsters. The aim of the operation is to get rid of criminals from Los Santos and to force them into the desert areas of Las Ventures. Note: Citizens of San Andreas will be updated about the operation on this web page. We will write more about our objectives and our first target soon.
  3. Who said real life? I am going to remove the fake criminals first. I will compete in next elections when MQM will return.
  4. Governor candidate Viktor Reznov withdraws from his candidacy after realizing that a lot of street criminals need to be cleaned first. I will compete in the next election and surely win it. Let others win this one. My voters should not lose hope as If the new governor doesn't do his job with sincerity, I will execute him. I have a lot of other important works to do first before taking the office of governor. Have faith in me and we will make Mudoo Great Again!
  5. Username: Asim Sanata Comment: Vote for janwaron wala doctor Brain.
  6. The speech was canceled because law enforcement failed to provide enough men forthe security of future governor. New date and time will be announced later.
  7. Future governor Viktor Reznov will address the public today at 16:00 CET.
  8. As I see you have been applying again and again for the moderator position. I am willing to give you my vote. I believe you deserve a chance. Recommended.
  9. I recommend him as he had worked in RPG staff team as a helper. He knows how to deal with new players.
  10. Official song for Naya Mudoo
  11. You look uneducated. I will surely help you by removing your badge. Thanks
  12. ((Can you shut up on IC topic?))
  13. Okay brother. All I can do is making weed legal so you can grow it outside whenever you want. Cops will protect your weed when someone tries to harvest it.
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