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  1. SAPD on this server became a big disaster. In my opinion, every civilian that wants to become a cop should be tested by some higher SAPD ranks so they can let him in if he pass the test. If it remains like this, so that everyone can become a cop it would not be any better in the near future. While I participated in several shootouts, almost every time some of the freecops return after death. Results after that? Lost the shootout because of the returners, getting my license revoked, my inventory seized. Revoking license is one of the most bullshit things around here. I don't see why it is added on a light role-play server. And of course the most annoying of all and that should be changed is the administration team.The faster you do it, the better for the whole community. I don't see how the admins are treating everyone equally and fairly. Like this for example, I don't see why any of the admins cannot be dealing with their own members? I mean it makes no sense. Even if some are doing it, it goes only with a "verbal" warning which have no results at all for most of the players.
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