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  1. Sometimes /p is like an xbox 360 modern warfare lobby. Half the players are having sex with each others moms.. Just throwing an idea out there: make a cmd that mutes people only in /p for like 6 hours. They can still roleplay this way but public chat will be cleaner and doesn't need to get locked all the time
  2. Please remove this thread or remove the SAN banners from your thread and contact me
  3. Please remove this thread or remove the SAN banners from your thread and contact me
  4. Please remove this thread or remove the SAN banners from your thread and contact me.
  5. Wearing green at gs9 gets you shot. In other news: water is wet.
  6. Bery Bumpkin: Phew that was one close race! Congratulations to the winner.
  7. What is your in-game name? Bery_Bumpkin Which player(s) do you want to report? Ezabila_Stokes When did the rulebreak happen? 05/08/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Billy_Bumpkin What happened? (quote what rule was broken) SAN News reporting from a scene with heavy police presence, suddenly ezabila DM's us out of nowhere. Claims we were sniping someone. This is the third time I am being targeted by this player. Please make him stop. Always shooting first and asking later. This was a blatant DM even after we told her to stop. Evidence [20:43:54] {FFFFFF}Bery_Bumpkin (126){FFFFFF}: EZA [20:43:56] {FFFFFF}Salim_Dbz (93){FFFFFF}: HEY [20:43:57] {FFFFFF}Bery_Bumpkin (126){FFFFFF}: fucking clown stop [20:44:01] {FFFFFF}Salim_Dbz (93){FFFFFF}: FUCK YALL [20:44:05] (( Billy_Bumpkin: Eza why you dm me )) [20:44:09] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [20:44:09] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. Note here how long the time between me calling for her to stop DM'ing and me actually going down.. A full 15 seconds of keeping on shooting. She was also the only officer out of 10+ who decided to fucking shoot the two of us for no reason. [20:44:20] Ezabila Stokes (radio): I got the snipers down [20:44:22] (( Bery_Bumpkin: Eza you DM )) [20:44:24] * Cato Lockeheed cuff him [20:44:24] (( Ezabila_Stokes: You were shooting )) [20:44:29] (( Bery_Bumpkin: LOL\ )) [20:44:31] (( Billy_Bumpkin: No lol )) [20:44:31] (( Bery_Bumpkin: reported )) [20:44:34] Silvester Aaron (radio): HELI [20:44:34] (( Ezabila_Stokes: Report them )) [20:44:35] (( Bery_Bumpkin: check the logs )) [20:44:37] (( Ezabila_Stokes: then* )) [20:44:37] {FFFFFF}Terry_Doyle (65){FFFFFF}: Results are out yet? [20:44:38] (( Billy_Bumpkin: I was making photo's with my camera. )) [20:44:41] {B00EC9}[VIP] {B5B5B5}Steven_Gambino (0){FFFFFF}: RIP HOSTAGE [20:44:42] * Ezabila Stokes pats Bery down. [20:44:48] (( Ezabila_Stokes: One of you was sniping )) [20:44:51] (( Bery_Bumpkin: nope )) [20:44:58] (( Ezabila_Stokes: Bery, don't lie. )) [20:44:59] (( Bery_Bumpkin: check the server logs idiot )) [20:44:59] {FFFFFF}Jennifer_Green (124){FFFFFF}: Wow [20:45:02] (( Bery_Bumpkin: CHECK THE LOGS )) [20:45:02] Admin Jan_Svensson (111): Event info has been updated. [20:45:05] (( Ezabila_Stokes: Go ahead and report )) This attitude form someone who is a staff member, I'm very disappointed. Here she is lying blatantly, saying I or my friend were sniping. Please check the server logs. We have not shot anyone since logging in 30 minutes ago. She is also accusing ME of being the liar here. Come on now. Eza is once again full of shit. He/she keeps targeting me ever since I complained to leadership about her teleporting me several times during an arrest. I guess speaking out against abuse gets you hunted here. I request an admin to look into damage logs and prove my, and my friend Billy's innocence. I also really wish this player will finally get a stern talking to about how to interact with players and not be a cunt.
  8. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Interview with the candidates. By: Billy Bumpkin | 8th May, 2020. A few hours, that is the time voters still have left to vote for the governor election. At ten 'o clock tonight, various pollingstations submitted data that confirms a total of 255 votes have been cast already. Obviously this must be a very exciting time for all three candidates... And when's a better time then now,to ask them how this campaign has been for them. And how they think about what the outcome will be this Saturday at 22:00! Today I met with candidate Ace Westbrooks, Vice governor candidate Luqman Shabbir and candidate Richie Kavanagh. Ace Westbrooks Billy: "Billy, from SAN News. " Billy: "How did you feel about the campaign? It's been a stormy one hasn't it." Ace: "It was fun at the start, but it became really tough afterwards. Escpecially after the attacks and threats." Billy: "And do you have faith in the outcome in a couple days?" Ace: "Yes. I'm indeed confident about winning. Lets hope the best one takes over." Billy:" Very good. Thank you for your time. Best of luck the coming days: " Luqman Shabbir Billy: "Mister Luqman, I tried to reach out to your Candidate Mr. Khan. I couldn't reach him but I think you can convey the story." Billy: "How was your experience during this campaign?" Luqman: "As Shehryar has experience and I am new, so it was a bit hard for me bit.." Billy: "I see your party has made a lot of effort during the campaign. " Luqman: "Yes, this is right. We really worked hard for this and we are tired now, we must need rest." Billy: "Hahah! Allright then, one more question, then i'll leave you to rest. Billy: "How is the faith inside your party? Do you think your party has a good chance of winning?" Luqman: "Yes for sure, I have full faith in Shehryar and we trust on our hard work." Billy: "Alright thank you very much for your time, that concludes the interview. Best of luck for the elections. Luqman: "No I have to thank you. You guys are doing great work." Richie Kavanagh Billy:" Good evening, mr. Kavanagh. Have a few minutes?" Billy:" So, I'd like to know how you have experienced this campaign so far. It sure was a big one, wasn't it." Richie: "Lots of good emotions, loads of new connections, hours spent innovating in the home office. Richie Kavanagh chuckles. Richie: "No problems with the rest of the community, no assasination attempts, everything ran smoothly. Richie: "I do need to thank my experienced team for it; Vice-governor candidate Julio Murphy, campaignmanager Liza Stokes, Head of security, Flynn McGregor, District judge Ben Blake, Chief Justice Weston Lockehead, The Stokes family. Billy chuckles Billy: "I'm sure we don't have all night long mr Kavanagh! Haha." Richie: "What's the second piece?" Billy:"Another question real quick; How excited are you for the outcome of this race? Do you have faith your party will win? Or is it going to be a close one." Richie: "I'm very excited, I've been standing here for 24 hours straight. You can't see it in my face right now." Richie: "Because i'm tired as hell! Ha-ha" Billy: "Hah-ha! Just keep those shades on, and people won't notice!" Richie: "I do believe it will be a tight race as we saw in the poll results but I think our party has a strong chance to make it this term. " Billy: "Allright, well thank you very much for your time sir, best of luck!" Richie: "My pleasure, thank you!"
  9. LOCAL | CRIME | ENTERTAINMENT | POLITICS | SPORTS | TRAVEL | HEALTH | WEATHER | OPINION | NATIONAL POLITICAL Huge turnout for opening of election booths. By: Bery Bumpkin | 7th May, 2020. After an intense campaigning season the voting booths have officially opened. A large crowd had gathered outside of Los Santos City Hall, waiting for the moment doors opened and they could finally cast their votes. Never before have the citizens of San Andreas been this invested in a Governor election, and never before has the race been this close. The candidates have been the topic of conversation on the streets as well as in the media over the last few weeks. As long as an hour before City Hall opened its doors to voters, eager citizens formed a line in front of the building. “I have waited eagerly to vote for my hero here today.” comments a civilian at the scene who wishes to remain anonymous. Official sources tell us that a record number of 62 votes had been cast only 20 minutes after the booths opened. This election might just go down in history as having the largest turnout ever. More news on the topic soon! SAN News reporting live from the opening of the elections. A crowd gathers outside LSCH ahead of voting booths opening. Citizens casting their votes.
  10. You have the full log of the admin sit then post them. You dont want to because that will get the BCR players banned. Somehow you can only see what I said in the sit, not them? This is a joke. Have some balls and do it. You dont dare to because you know you are wrong. I will definitely report you for being incompetent as well as unfair because of IC connections. You dont even read what I'm posting. And what admin replies to something with "what difference does it make if I'm dishonest" while handling a report. You are an absolute joke
  11. You are the one who has the fucking logs but are refusing to show them to anyone else. Get another admin. I've asked three times now. They lied in admin sit and should be punished.
  12. I asked for another admin to handle my case, not another reply in which you are giving answers irrelevant to the questions I posed. In the logs, one punch from Guero and three punches from you are registered only. Any other staff member would have the same logs I am talking about the chat logs showing his allies also trying to make him stop, not the damage logs. Once again: you seem to have the full logs yet dont want to reply to accusations I make of them lying during the admin sit. This is the single most stupid reply I have ever received from an administrator. Next.
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