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  1. Champion


    What was the point of doing this whole thing again
  2. Can't he play csgo off duty?
  3. Champion


    I already can drive 2 fbi ranchers in TIM, i am just paying for it being personal. If someone else bids more the actual price will depend on that, my bid is just the starting bid.
  4. Everything was bought by me just to let you both know
  5. Why dont you give your "feedback" which is just the same pines for each groups in pms So you yourself weren't able to mantain the same efforts but can judge people who keep doing it wether they get recognition or not.
  6. Since you hate every group whether legal or criminal why don't you create your own and see for yourself instead of going to each and every group thread and writing the most toxic comment you can ever write, crying your brains out at each and every groups like the 13 year old kid you are.
  7. I am looking to buy nrg for the specified price.
  8. Property was set by enrique in game. Can be closed.
  9. Requesting an office to be set in Downtown ((Open spoiler for the picture)) The office will be used for the rp of my current mafia group as well as a business group that i am working on currently to start in future ((Discord pm if you want details)) If possible i was looking for a particular interior but could not find its id. Willing to pay the money required as well as extra money if required for the interior.
  10. The argument that is 2 folks are fighting and you are 3rd random stranger is completely unrelated. We as groups are not strangers to each other.
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