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  1. Property was set by enrique in game. Can be closed.
  2. Requesting an office to be set in Downtown ((Open spoiler for the picture)) The office will be used for the rp of my current mafia group as well as a business group that i am working on currently to start in future ((Discord pm if you want details)) If possible i was looking for a particular interior but could not find its id. Willing to pay the money required as well as extra money if required for the interior.
  3. The argument that is 2 folks are fighting and you are 3rd random stranger is completely unrelated. We as groups are not strangers to each other.
  4. I am george hogan, and i had 4 points now i have 3 @LocMax
  5. Still the same, you explained to me how i add 2 + 2
  6. Why did i loose 1 point?
  7. Sorry mate, youtube limits the quality to 480p in India due to the population we have build up
  8. Why did the cop shoot the man evading on foot
  9. Champion


    Thank you for your opinion that no one asked for because of the fact that you haven't even played on the server for the past 4 months and have 0 clue about what actually happened in any of the situations
  10. Ok i have accepted the deal given by you so proceed with your offer or we will be talking in the court 10M + weed house for my nrg is the deal
  11. Champion


    I don't think these people get the meaning of fake rp.
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