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  1. I am follower of you Si, 10-4 Sir!
  2. Well this is not an article but i will go after you, 10-4 sir!
  3. Removed for some purposes
  4. Man Why FD is created if we don't need them to refill our health. We always refill our health from Juice Machine.
  5. Well, If i say something then remove this Juice Machine.
  6. You are right and the leader must be changed.
  7. Removed for some reasons
  8. This is a War zone not kidding
  9. Well, Whenever i enter GS 9 every time someone kill me, like 10 or 9 days ago a old man was punching me yesterday a ballad was shooting me for coming to GS 9, This is unreal place. I request Ballas to change their Head Quarters or don't dm other people for fun. That's all Messaged by: Reporter Hughes.
  10. Much times, I saw that people are dying near Pizza Shop, Why? This is a shocking moment. Like 10+ people dies there in 1 day., Because there is a HQ near Pizza shop(Ballas HQ). Whenever they come near pizza shop, They start shooting and killing everyone. The first guy dead yesterday was a grove member, He was just passing the road and someone shot on his head, and he dead. After he dead, A policia came and he dead too also. After it a policia came and he dead also! When another policia saw that, A cop is dying he fought with the balla and beat the balla besides the cop dead. Then a medic reported over (/dep) and two cops came, one guy was very fortunate that he was saved by the Balla, Medic tried to save the others but, unfotunately, The shots were on the head. This all happened near Pizza Shop, I request you guys to don't go near this area or you will also lose your one life.
  11. Well, You were calling a guy right there where you were standing and also you killed me for no reason when i was standing near your car and James immediately shooted me(without any rp) and frisk me he was trying to rob me wasn't you trying to rob me dumb head and now you're messaging that i fine you and you rp and killed me and /q'ed no ser my game was crashed as fuck and how can you say i was not robbing you, if you didn't rob me then why were you frisking me? Do you have any answer, Now you will say, "that i was checking how much things you got, i was not robbing", Your car was parked badly in the center of the road so i fine your car and i rammed your car because, i was about to side it, though i sit in your car i don't have keys to drive, So, That's why i do that. That was it only...
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