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  1. What is your in-game name? Tyrone_Purpz Which staff member banned you? Leonardo When did you get banned? 06/11/2020 What is the ban reason? He claims that im ''lying'' Personal comment [19:48:47] Tyrone Purpz shouts [Jamaican accent]: eyo handsup!! [19:48:49] * Faw Locsta whispers something to the vehicle occupants. [19:48:49] AhadSaab Jatt says: no seriously [19:49:15] * Tyrone Purpz pats the girl [19:49:20] You robbed a(n) Desert eagle (37 ammo) from Marty Jatt. [19:49:20] * Tyrone Purpz robs a(n) Desert eagle from Marty Jatt. [19:49:25] You robbed a(n) Shotgun (28 ammo) from Marty Jatt. [19:49:25] * Tyrone Purpz robs a(n) Shotgun from Marty Jatt. [19:49:34] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Hands! [19:49:39] * Tyrone Purpz frisks the guy [19:49:41] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: chinsaw allowed to kill with ? [19:49:42] AhadSaab Jatt says: why you killed her [19:49:47] [Ask] Helper Pedro_Gvardia (0){FFFFFF}: no [19:49:48] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: rob [19:49:50] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: hehe [19:49:51] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Man shut the fuck up. [19:49:59] AhadSaab Jatt says: she is woman [19:50:04] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: then? [19:50:10] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: I dont give a fuck bitch. [19:50:10] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: he shooted us wtf [19:50:12] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Look at this. [19:50:12] AhadSaab Jatt says: you guys are gays [19:50:20] AhadSaab Jatt says: you kill gays [19:50:30] [Ask] Ron_Aternos (22){FFFFFF}: F [19:50:32] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: I'm gay? [19:50:33] * Faw Locsta whispers something to Tyrone Purpz. [19:50:33] Faw Locsta whispers to you [Malaysian accent]: cops around [19:50:35] *** [1 | 1111] Tupac Shakour: where ya at? [19:50:38] Tyrone Purpz says [Jamaican accent]: Bitch shut yo pussy ass up. -- This is where i shot AhadSaab for disrespecting + he ran away into a building and came back some seconds later after we shot Marty [19:50:54] This vehicle is owned by a group. [19:51:26] Correct usage: /w [playerid/name] [message] So me and Faw came up to grove street and found our enemies chilling at the blue apartments at ganton. We hopped out of the car and told those jatt's to put their hands up. They didn't they starting walking around and Marty Jatt pulled out a desert eagle and started aiming for some time which made me and Faw shoot at her till 0 HP. Ahad ran away into the blue apartment building and later came out again and put his hands up. We frisked him and found no items on him so no robbery happend. This Ahad started calling us ''gays'' as you can see in the logs so In Character my character got even more angry because not only had Ahad ran away from us, but he also insulted me and Faw for ''gays''. Thats why i decided to kill him and drive away with the car before the police would show up. [20:33:49] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You lied to me [20:33:56] (( Tyrone_Purpz: she aimed a gun i said )) [20:33:57] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: wtf? [20:33:58] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Secondly, you gave only 10 seconds to Marty to comply [20:34:00] AhadSaab Jatt says: ballas liar [20:34:02] [Ask] jeff_caylen (12){FFFFFF}: where do i get a costum fighting style [20:34:03] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And you killed him directly [20:34:10] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And then Ahad came to save marty [20:34:12] (( Tyrone_Purpz: bruh she was holding a deagle in her hand )) [20:34:14] Marty Jatt says: I said [20:34:15] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: he ran away [20:34:19] [Ask] Helper Pedro_Gvardia (0){FFFFFF}: you can buy it with /loyalty or /donatorperks [20:34:44] *** [1 | 1111] Rodrigo Palacios joined the channel. [20:34:44] [Ask] Housma_shelby (14){FFFFFF}: how to remove account ? [20:34:44] AhadSaab Jatt says: thats your pussy [20:34:53] *** [1 | 1111] Tupac Shakour: ayo ma latin guy [20:35:40] AdmCmd: You have been teleported by Leonard_Hofstader (42). [20:35:44] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: She didn't fire a single shot [20:35:45] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she aiming us [20:35:47] Marty Jatt says: Sir can you tell me what he said you for this report? [20:36:00] [Advertisement] selling heroin call me [20:36:00] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 45056 [20:36:15] (( Tyrone_Purpz: ok but she aimed tho )) [20:36:29] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why the fuck would she pull out a gun when i say handsup to her )) [20:36:30] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Marty, did you aim? [20:36:32] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she will kill us if she fire first. she aimed [20:36:33] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why didnt she /handsup )) [20:36:36] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: And also [20:36:38] (( Tyrone_Purpz: why didnt she /handsup answer that? )) [20:36:38] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: If she aimed [20:36:43] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: She would have shot [20:36:49] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: whereas no shots were made from her side [20:36:51] AhadSaab Jatt says: logical [20:36:51] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: she would shoot us [20:36:54] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: it can be [20:37:04] [Advertisement] [SELLING] A big house (Furnished) with alot parking space, El Corona, LS Airport. [20:37:04] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 20455 [20:37:05] *** [2 | 9998] Mask_81661 joined the channel. [20:37:06] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: if we dont shoot first. she would kill us [20:37:10] Marty Jatt says: Ahahaha okay now i know [20:37:16] AhadSaab Jatt says: no she wont [20:37:20] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: why she aiming? [20:37:34] *** [2 | 9998] William Harrison joined the channel. [20:37:35] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: for nothing? [20:37:39] Faw Locsta says [Malaysian accent]: we said handsup` [20:37:41] (( Tyrone_Purpz: no why is she not fucking doing /handsup at first? )) [20:37:42] AdmCmd: Faw_Locsta has been admin jailed by Leonard_Hofstader for 40 minute(s). Reason: Lying to admins + deathmatching + for.. [20:37:42] AdmCmd: ..cing disgusting roleplay [20:37:43] (( Tyrone_Purpz: and ahad ran away )) [20:37:44] AhadSaab Jatt says: what you do when you are panic [20:37:54] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Now, Tyrone [20:37:57] [Ask] Faw_Locsta (79){FFFFFF}: tf 40 minutes [20:37:59] (( Tyrone_Purpz: yeah? )) [20:37:59] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You have 1 full ban [20:38:07] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: 2 temp bans [20:38:09] [Advertisement] Mansion [20:38:09] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 42563 [20:38:09] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: How does the admin jail looks like? [20:38:14] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You don't want to improve, right?> [20:38:14] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: XD [20:38:17] (( Tyrone_Purpz: bruh are you serious about this? )) [20:38:20] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: like sex room [20:38:22] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: No, seriously haha. [20:38:24] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: I am very serious [20:38:24] [Ask] Hunter_Genovese (15){FFFFFF}: CHECK my Support [20:38:32] [Ask] Sneax_Gambino (65){FFFFFF}: Sex Room u know it ? [20:38:35] (( Tyrone_Purpz: im the one saying she aimed at me i didnt claim she shot tho )) [20:38:37] [Ask] Leonardo_Riley (80){FFFFFF}: stop [20:38:39] [Ask] Michaell_Gambino (21){FFFFFF}: remember that pimp mission in gta sa? It is that room [20:38:44] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Bruh. [20:38:51] [Ask] Mike_Scarface (5){FFFFFF}: it is not I think [20:38:55] (( Tyrone_Purpz: when i clearly told her to handsup she went moving around )) [20:38:57] [Ask] Hunter_Genovese (15){FFFFFF}: Sir check my support its too urgent plz check [20:38:58] *** [1 | 1111] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:38:58] *** [2 | 9998] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:38:58] (( Tyrone_Purpz: said nothing at all )) [20:39:01] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You literally said "Marty shot us, Jatt's are liars go check logs" [20:39:07] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Plus Marty didn't aim as well [20:39:10] (( Tyrone_Purpz: and she was holding a deagle and aiming for a bit )) [20:39:21] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Tyrone [20:39:27] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: I won't ban you if you speak the truth [20:39:28] (( Tyrone_Purpz: what? )) [20:39:29] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Come clean [20:39:41] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Seeing your punishment history, you'd get a straight full ban [20:39:44] (( Tyrone_Purpz: they were moving around and marty had a deagle in her hand )) [20:39:47] (( Tyrone_Purpz: ahad didnt have guns )) [20:39:48] [Ask] Joe_Daze (16){FFFFFF}: is Leonardo_Gambino Online? [20:39:50] (( Tyrone_Purpz: im not lying )) [20:39:52] [Ask] Helper Scarlett_Bengo (47){FFFFFF}: /id [20:39:54] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: No. [20:40:01] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Ahad had no guns? [20:40:04] (( Tyrone_Purpz: fr gonna start recording every single scene from now on )) [20:40:06] [Ask] Leonardo_Riley (80){FFFFFF}: /id gam [20:40:06] (( Tyrone_Purpz: yeah he had no guns )) [20:40:10] (( Tyrone_Purpz: just marty )) [20:40:15] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: Misuse of /ask [20:40:17] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Then why did you even kill Ahad? [20:40:17] (( Tyrone_Purpz: otherwise i would have robbed ahad's gun )) [20:40:25] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: It's not, it's server related. [20:40:34] (( Tyrone_Purpz: cause he had ran away from me )) [20:40:37] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: It is [20:40:39] (( Tyrone_Purpz: after marty was shot dead )) [20:40:43] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: how is this asking related to server? [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] We received a call from Christian_Ryan (4000) ** [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] Situation: Need a mechanic. ** [20:40:44] ** [800 Operator] Stated location: Idlewood mechanic garage. ** [20:40:49] (( Tyrone_Purpz: i found him and shot )) [20:40:50] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: No type of interactions are there [20:40:54] *** [1 | 1111] Yakin Johnson joined the channel. [20:40:54] *** [2 | 9998] Yakin Johnson joined the channel. [20:40:58] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: You didn't even say anything to Ahad [20:40:59] [Ask] Enzo_Gambino (59){FFFFFF}: Is Leonardo_Gambino player of this server? Yes he is. [20:41:15] (( Tyrone_Purpz: no they didnt even roleplay when i said handsup )) [20:41:17] *** [1 | 1111] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:41:17] *** [2 | 9998] Leon Gvardia joined the channel. [20:41:19] (( Tyrone_Purpz: just moving around )) [20:41:20] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: Enzo this is misuse of /ask bro /ask is if you need help with something relating the game [20:41:23] (( Tyrone_Purpz: not even roleplaying any fear )) [20:41:27] [Ask] David_Soprano (46){FFFFFF}: not just telling everyone to /id gam [20:41:28] (( AhadSaab_Jatt: sir faw is abusing )) [20:41:34] ============= You got permanently banned ============= [20:41:34] You got permanently banned by Leonard_Hofstader. [20:41:34] Reason: Exessively deathmatching + lying to admins (has 1 full ban + 3 tempbans). You clearly don't want to improve at all. [20:41:34] Now this Leonardo tped me to LV like 15-20 minutes later and ended up saying that i ''lied''. First you are telling me that i only gave her 10 seconds to comply - bruh she was walking around holding a deagle and aimed for a short time. The only step she had to make is press her left mouse button to start shooting at us which she came really close to. No idea why she didnt even bother to shoot but if i see someone taking out a desert eagle and pressing ASDW moving around everywhere after i tell her to handsup why is this not a reason for me to start shooting? You are saying you dont see any logs of shooting - well very logical cuz she didnt shot and ahad didnt have a gun she probably knew already she would die anyways. I also noticed everyone except for ballas is getting the normal punishments - but ballas is the only one that keeps getting striked by perm bans constantly? Whatsup with this? No /warnings/ at all being made towards ballas members, just permbans and tempbans this shit is unfair.
  2. What is your in-game name? Carl_Blue Which staff member banned you? Ezabila When did you get banned? 04/23/20 What is the ban reason? Bug abuse Personal comment Me and my friend went to abuse a bug to take advantage of the server's script. I apologize for this and would like to have another chance to continue my roleplay on this server and quit making abuse of the script. Anyways it works as followed, *censored. Admins seen it, thanks* Again i apologize for the damage i've commited to the server and i wish the server scripter luck on fixing the bug.
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