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  1. I'm pretty sure that noob running off behind cops was clueless on what's going on lol
  2. True. Especially those certain 'people' who always insulting each other in public chat. The sad part is they over-insulting each other by mocking their moms, i mean, C'mon guys, Really?? Do we really need to bring up Moms as an insult? Grow up!
  3. I said it's up to them to do as they like in there (as long as they don't do rulebreak of course).
  4. In-game name: Vito_Frost Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/2018 What feature is the bug relevant to: job Explain how does the bug occur: So I'm working as a Trucker for a quite long time now. And this bug kinda irritating me. I don't even know is this a bug or is it scripted, but at least I'll say it here. So when i'm in the middle of delivering cargos, i got crashed (i know its normal), but the most worst thing wasn't about the crash, but all my cargos were gone when i relogged. Yes,
  5. I used to be Grove Street Member who wanna revive GSF back until i saw a topic about GSF has been actually closed. So, when i was wearing Grove Street apparel, i used to come to GS9 to grab a drink from Vending machine and sometimes refuel my vehicles. And yes, wearing a green clothes in that area is like a suicidal attempt. But now, i abandoned GSF and become a member of Frost Brotherhood (And i've changed skin btw) , i always come to GS9 and it seems there's no trouble at all. Sorry i don't agree with you, man @Shane_Kowlaski4020 . GS9 seems like a nice place to hang out for th
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