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  1. any more offers? if no then closed
  2. increase it that price doesn't suits u
  3. just give some details like a pic starting BID or something,
  4. What is your in-game name? Gianna_Venture Which player(s) do you want to report? Anthony_Eix When did the rulebreak happen? 07/16/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? apprently no 1 What happened? (quote what rule was broken) So, there was a smuggle , and cops were dead , i was bzy somewhere else i was not involve in the smuggle at any moment , all my members ally all where there, so, what happens is after all things over smuggle got over all over, one guy from my group did panic, and as i said i was not involve in smuggle so i gone there to respond panic i thout maybe a new sit happening, but all their bodies where lying there around, so i was calling EMS, as soon as i dialed EMS number, this guy came in my radar,he stopped his vehicle, i was in heli, without any warning or without telling anything in megaphone, he just sniped me and got me down and damaged my heli too, i didnt escape coz i was not there for shootout or something of that sort, i was just calling an EMS , after all that happening coz he was masked guy i could note his number, and i asked in public who shot yellow heli he said "I told u get the heli down" and hee warned me he is saying... Evidence 23:11:40] *** [1 | 469] Viktor Magaddino pressed his panic button at Ocean Docks, Los Santos [23:11:41] *** [3 | 2020] Mask_37614 joined the channel. [23:11:45] *** [1 | 469] Zoro Magaddino: WTf [23:11:54] *** [1 | 469] Bori Magaddino pressed his panic button at Ocean Docks, Los Santos ************* At this moment i saw their bodies lying and i started calling ems************* [23:14:37] You are calling 911 (service). [23:14:40] Emergency Services Operator says (phone): Hello, this is the 911, do you require PD or FD? ************ At this moment he started shooting me with sniper and i was shouting to him as u can seee [23:14:51] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:14:52] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:14:52] [Ask] Halim_Gammoudi (35){FFFFFF}: od is still under lockdown? [23:14:53] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:14:53] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:14:54] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:14:57] *** [1 | 469] Malena Luciana: rob this one [23:14:58] Gianna Venture shouts [Los Santos accent]: no! [23:15:01] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [23:15:01] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [23:15:01] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [23:15:01] You hung up. [23:15:07] (( Gianna_Venture: wtf )) [23:15:51] You made a report ticket against Mask_71862. Your report ticket is #2 in queue. [23:16:20] You enabled the public chat and will see the public chat messages. [23:16:34] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: who is that retard swat who shotyellow heli ? [23:16:45] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: r u brain dead? [23:17:25] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: this swat is so brain dead man [23:17:29] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: i swear to god [23:17:36] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: i warned you to land [23:17:40] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: so i could check on you [23:17:42] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: you kept flyin [23:17:44] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: now /cry [23:17:46] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: u warn? [23:17:47] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: ? [23:17:51] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: why would i warn [23:17:53] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: check my logs [23:17:53] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: i told you to land [23:18:08] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: check my logs and see where is ur warn [23:18:10] {B5B5B5}Gianna_Venture (90){FFFFFF}: idiot [23:18:16] {0055FF}Anthony_Eix (108){FFFFFF}: xd i just delted wt conversation and some ads in between , that's all , and u will say where is SS or something like that ,, i was controlling a heli and i dont get so much of time to do it and take the SS of that guy shooting me i hope logs are much better than SS Thank you
  5. Gianna_Venture


    Then in which part it says that u cant kidnap one of ur members,, any ways nice going , throw some more shit on this topic.. Thanks
  6. Gianna_Venture


    rule? The group organizes a roleplay scenario Depending on the scale of the scenario (which is based on the number of people involved), the content of the scenario itself and the execution of the scenario, the group can receive anywhere between 5-15 points based on those factors.
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