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  1. if i wanted to buy i would have bought since when from you
  2. pumpkins Or Trick/Treat?

    1. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      Trick or treat for real


    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      specially when you get veh ticket


  3. still looking for the house if anyone have , contact me on discord:-PoPeYe#0582 or ingame:- 6577 call/sms
  4. can u please solve the issue.. @Weston
  5. What is your in-game name? Gianna_Venture Date & time of occurence? 10/5/2020 11:28 Elaborate how you lost this/these items so i logged in and my clothing auto on and after that i've remove my mask , then i got for the smuggle then i died there, and i dont know why i was not wearing the mask how the person was able to remove my mask while m not wearing it, i will place the chatlogs of when i logged in and turned off the mask and when that guy removed it , so i request to refund my mask , Thank you Proof When i logged in [11:2
  6. Drop your offers with location OR you can contact me if u see me IG number=6577 call/sms both accepted
  7. 1.4 with custome plate bro not scamming and its legit mate persnoal note to simon :- 1 lakh kam kiya dusre se aur kya karu
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