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  1. Thanks for this topic. GS9 is a unique place and for those of you able to remember has been for over a decade. Since our arrival, we've received really warm messages of support from members of this community. The general feedback has been that GS9 activity has benefited different factions in different ways. It is never going to be perfect and there will always be cases where we can improve on and where there are constructive ideas, we will welcome them. Thanks again and keep the GS9 related posts coming. A blast from the past in 2010 which includes the current community leader @Leonardo at 0:58:
  2. For civilians: The option to toggle this function should be made available. The default status should be on as it would otherwise be detrimental to new players. For law enforcement: The "no players on map" functionality should be set as default for the SAPD and should not be allowed to enable. This will add a element of challenge for the SAPD to overcome and contribute towards balance between civilians vs. law enforcement.
  3. This server is a true testament to the GTA:SA spirit. Its disappointing to see many unhappy people here but at the same time, its good to see their passion for GTA:SA burning brightly. This server is really special and we should all be honoured to be playing here. The amount of effort that has been applied to the development and construction of the game mode is really admirable and I commend the team behind making this all possible. Thank you for giving us a opportunity to play here. The server is brilliant and its challenging to find areas of improvement. If pushed for feedback, I would echo the sentiments of others in this topic in stating that the weapon license removal function does not belong in this game mode.
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