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  1. I now know what autohotkey is, so I will be using that to make certain tasks less tedious without automating the process, so I am present and not taking an advantage over other players. Again, this was just me looking to distance myself from the situations that led to the DM punishments, but I got lazy and took the easy way.
  2. What is your in-game name? Odane_Cole Which staff member banned you? Eren_Hernandez When did you get banned? 06/16/2020 What is the ban reason? Macro-Keybinding Personal comment saw in ask chat a while back that people were recommending autohotkey, and I mistakenly thought they were talking about macros. After looking into it further, I see that they are completely different, and I now know that I cannot use a macro. This has been my only offence in using a macro, and I will not do it again.
  3. Like I said, I will be stepping back from "gang violence" type RP sits and getting into low-stakes RP sits that don't really open up the possibility of DM - this way I can develop my RP and take away the "kill or be killed" mentality from such situations, so that in the future, should such a situation arise I won't be inclined to go that route. I have spent the last couple of weeks online harbouring good will amongst my alliance and now, seeing as opinions aren't high outside of that alliance, I would like to harbour that same good will outside it as well. There are many aspects to gang RP, so I will be going along with these other aspects that do not revolve around killing people. I have only been around for a couple of months and it has been a bit of a trial and error getting things right but only recently have I got into the RP aspects of the game, since I have overcome many of the barriers to new players both in RP terms and RPG elements of the server. Bottom line, I won't be going around killing people anymore.
  4. What is your in-game name? Odane_Cole Which staff member banned you? Terry_Doyle When did you get banned? 06/08/2020 What is the ban reason? Killing a victim when trying to comply (DM) Personal comment This ban followed an RP sit where my gang was robbing someone and they were (seemingly) not complying with us when we were trying to rob a BLS kit from them. After asking OOC for commands, I did not give him enough time to react and shot him. Of course I was too hasty, and this was a slip-up following many successful RP sits since my return after a prior temp-ban. I have been trying very hard to improve my RP, and I would like to apologise for my impatience. After looking at the logs, I see that I definitely should have waited some more time for the victim to comply and I absolutely will do that going forward. Note that this is not my first ban for DM, however the circumstances with this one were to do with impatience surrounding the situation, but not any purposeful attempt to violate RP. While this doesn't excuse what I did, I want to state that I have learned and improved my RP following my other punishments and after I came back I got into many RP events as I was confident I have been following the server's RP rules. Going forward, if this ban appeal is accepted, I will absolutely be more mindful of such situations. In fact, (because I really want to be unbanned and continue playing) I will not initiate any robbery RP sits, to prevent putting myself in such a position again. I will also consider that, should I get involved in such an RP sit, I will only attack when it is completely black and white that the victim of the RP sit is not complying. I really enjoy the server, and I would like to continue playing without stopping other people from enjoying the RP experience. Thank you for reading the appeal, (Odane Cole)
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