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  1. Btw my account that got banned the name is Justin Watson
  2. I mean that I got banned then they unbanned me 13 days ago then they ban my brother thinking that I banaveading it doesn’t make sense that I got unbanned then they ban him WTF
  3. And why u ban him even though I got unbanned
  4. What is your in-game name? Roger_tyler Which staff member banned you? Quintavius_carpenter When did you get banned? 05/22/2020 What is the ban reason? Banaveading Personal comment Really, they banned my brothers account because they thought I was banaveading wow get new admins like I even got unbanned on my account on 12 may 2020 but they banned him yesterday thinking it was me I COULD HAVE LOGGED IN ON MY ACCOUNT. Please next time see and verify that who your banning and see if they banaveading.
  5. I am really sorry i will never do such a thing just let me play again please.
  6. i needed money i was poor at the time and my bro wanted me to make him cop and i was scared that he would kill someone and so i told him that he needs to give me money (he is 5 yrs old btw) but i went on his laptop and made a new account and gave some money i am sorry im ashamed of my self i am soo sorry for what i did please unban me i needed money i am sorry for my wrong doings. no i never read the rules sorry ill read emm okay?
  7. What is your in-game name? Justin_Watson Which staff member banned you? Mazen_Shelby When did you get banned? 04/28/2020 What is the ban reason? Money Farming Personal comment I will never do that again i am sorry for what i did and i learned a lesson today never ever do the wrong thing i am sorry and i Hope you unban me Sir.
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