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Terry last won the day on July 31

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  1. Sold for 550k, close this.
  2. Minimum Price : $800,000 Drop your offers.
  3. Minimum Price : $500,000 Drop your offers.
  4. You were banned for ban evading. Main account name is Mamadou_Chevrolet which was banned earlier today for Airbreak. Coming clean in appeals usually works better rather ban evading. Why did you do it?
  5. I checked and you are not banned. Try logging in again.
  6. You have 14 punishments and 2 full bans in your list. Why do you constantly break the rules? What will change if we consider unbanning you?
  7. Coming out clean and not lying usually works better when appealing. Why were you hacking?
  8. You have been ban evading ever since you were banned. How can we be sure you will not keep rule breaking and ban evading anymore?
  9. You will be unbanned next week. Make sure not to repeat such actions as we'll be seeing you here again and appeal would turn out different next time. In the meantime, make sure not to attempt to ban evade as it will also lead to denying of this appeal.
  10. You will be unbanned next week. Please make sure not to repeat such actions else, we will be seeing you here again.
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