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  1. Please admins this is my last unban i never do again. If i do again ban me for permanent i never post any unban appeal. Please admin last time. Please give me a chance so that i prove you. I never use any type of hacks. Please admins PlZZZZZZ
  2. What is your in-game name? Jaat_Singh Which staff member banned you? Staz_Gambino When did you get banned? 04/25/2020 What is the ban reason? Poor Roleplay Personal comment I were pass 1 month and i were not make another accounts. I think i pass enough time for poor roleplay please help. I were apologize for multiple accounts creation and poor RP. Please admins i apologize for my bad behavior.
  3. I apologize for everything for creating multiple accounts and telling a lie that I am not jaat_singh. I have no life I only play this server for time pass and for fun. Please, sir, give me only one chance. I never do that again. And sorry for the abusing. If you see in the right way to my bans I got two bans for deathmatching while I am a cop and that time I did not know about the rules and it's my mistake that I did read rules. And the third ban was casino scam that I used by Luca. And forth is poor roleplay that I rob shubham_maganaddino at the safe zone I only know that I did not kill a guy in the safe zone. That's all my bad luck. Please give me one chance!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give me one chance!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I thought you do not unban high priority people. I made lots of mistakes So why gone unban me. So I try lie you.
  5. Please give me one chance. I am apologize for all these thinks. Sorry for that
  6. What is your in-game name? Jack_Huges Which staff member banned you? Floyd_Jefferson When did you get banned? 05/01/2020 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading Personal comment Sorry for that i am apologize for my work
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