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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY


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  1. As this is your first ban and it is for cheating your review date will be set at 4 weeks from today. We will remove 50% of your networth and you will be required to use CAC. https://mudoogaming.com/cac Review 20th October.
  2. Please reply to the above within 24 hours or this will be denied.
  3. You are only allowed 1 account on this server. Your first account, Jean_Delarue is where you must play. You can appeal your copban at pd.sagov.us. Do not make any further accounts, or attempt to use the other accounts you created or you will banned again. Unbanned.
  4. When was the last time you played here? Have you made any more accounts to play while this one is banned? Think carefully about your answer because this will affect your ability to play here forever.
  5. This is now your 4th ban excluding the ones for when your account was hacked. The consequences topic lists a 3rd unban reuqet as being an 8 week review. We will review this request on 1/11/2020. During this time I suggest you take some time away and think about whether you can actually do what you said earlier in this topic. This will be your final chance. If you are banned again after this, you will not be welcome back.
  6. I have discussed your request with community management and we have reviewed your rather extensive punishment history. You have been given an enormous amount of second chances to play here and you have not learned on any occasions. You have 84 punishments including 8 permanent bans and 8 temporary bans which is not acceptable. You are no longer welcome to play here, you will need to find a new server to play. You are permanently denied.
  7. We are not here to discuss other staff members ability to carry out their role. If you have a complaint to make you can do so here. What you may or may not have discussed in-game is immaterial to your unban request. I have asked you if you have any other accounts or not. If you do, what are the names and why do you have more than one account? Until you answer this we are not able to proceed any further with this unban request.
  8. Do you have any other accounts on the server? If so what are there names and why do you have more than one account?
  9. @Angel_Houston Reply to Sam within 24 hours or this will be denied.
  10. Your behavior and general attitude is completely unacceptable. Lets take a look at your punishments to start with. You are constantly disrupting the server with your persistent rule breaks and this is not fair on other players. How are you going to improve to prevent getting further punishments? Why do you deserve another chance?
  11. You can enjoy your forum ban to add to your collection. Denied.
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