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  1. One thing that gets me is why do people feel the need to tar an entire group with the same brush? Don't say cops only play and enjoy the game when there are criminals. Because frankly I would much rather roleplay a situation with somebody than it end in a bloodbath all the time. I don't sit here and say all criminals like to kill for no reason. I've seen (and had) lots of good interactions with various criminals. I, and I know many others do, pride ourselves on roleplaying interactions at every opportunity. I have not issued a single fine with the command. Because what's the fun in that? Yawn. I would much sooner pull you over, talk to you, tell you what you did wrong, run some checks and have a chat. Yet more often than not even that turns into a bloodbath. Who on earth kills a cop just because the pulled them over to talk to them about the manner of their driving? Who gets fun from that situation? But, if you want us to improve how we interact with you, it needs to work both ways. We need some support from people to interact with us more positively. I'd be quite happy to go on duty and have an entire shift without a single shoot out. I'd actually enjoy that more than grabbing an M4 and going gung ho on a group of people because they shot. To me, that's not my idea of fun. I am sure you all know how demoralising it is to have an RP abruptly ended by shooting, and it's the same for (most) of us. A traffic stop nine times out of ten has no valid reason to end in a bloodbath. If you are a mobster (not wanted), why on earth would you draw attention to yourself by killing a cop who pulls you over for a traffic offence? Unless I am missing something, I do not see the logic in that whatsoever. On the flip side, I totally agree that some cops are too quick to suspect and/or fine people. I don't speak on behalf of the PD here, as these are my own personal views. However, for minor law violations I would honestly much rather come to you, have a chat, tell you the error of your ways, and send you on your way. But I am limited in your own reactions allowing me to do this. The amount of times I have responded to something such as a misuse of 911 and it ends in death is, frankly, disappointing. Turning up to a false 911 call and then being executed because you "hate pigs" is just lame. But I accept that some cops will come along, guns drawn and tell you to get down all over a false 911 call. If people want a better police force they need to be better criminals. Both sides could put more effort in to make the entire experience more enjoyable for everybody. I'll happily agree with you on that. As I said in the event I am happy to take onboard the worst government group award and me and the rest of the supervisors, command and executive will discuss what we can do to make improvements. We aren't perfect and nor do any of us claim to be. Everybody can make improvements and you'll see them soon. On the subject of weapons. Yes we have a store of weapons. But all of the heavy weapons are restricted as to when the can be used and how much we have. The amount of ammo SAPD can carry is also heavily limited to prevent people getting 600 m4 and rocking around like its a toy. We do not have an unlimited supply and volunteers will vary rarely be given them. They certainly are not given them often. Yes we get free guns, and yes we get free armour. But why would we not? Why would the police pay for their own equipment? There's no logic in that. To address some of the points about buying weapons. Why would the police NOT have access to better weapons than the average criminal? All the weapons we have are freely available to all of you. Yes HW are more difficult to get for you, but rightly so. In my opinion the perks to both the criminals and police is fairly balanced.
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