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  1. I'M already unban and luzziz unban me because i do promiss with luzziz am not create fake accounts now.....
  2. ik i hope i unbanned soon gl
  3. What is your in-game name? Adeel99 Which staff member banned you? LocMax When did you get banned? 03/03/18 What is the ban reason? get out,making fake accounts lie Personal comment mr.locmax you know why i make fake accounts because nobody like talk with me and nobody like me so why i'm playing alone and am boring with feel alone okay i agree my mistake i say with all admins sorry am not do it again i need one chance more so just last time trust me...
  4. lol i say before you and luzziz and luzziz ban all accounts after i just use geniusrana and ziggy
  5. okay now am stop for you and i also say sorry all of you now keep unban me and am just keep playing the game
  6. ddo because anyone not like me with adeel name so i change my name because after proples make my friends so i make now am not makes
  7. okay okay now am not creates account its my promiss ok now it is my answer.
  8. ik dude its my mistake so i say sorry for all admins am not making fake accounts again so pls unban me....
  9. What is your in-game name? Adeel99 Which staff member banned you? LocMax When did you get banned? 03/02/18 What is the ban reason? get out, making fakes accounts lying Personal comment See Guys yes i make very fake accounts i know you not like this its ri8 yea okay.so guys am not create not making fake accouts i say sorry for it and i make more fake accounts its me say you ban me permanently.... its my promiss just give me last chance only last......
  10. In-game name: Adeel What events would you like to participate in? 1v1 PVP Boat Warfare Protect the President Additional info: N/A

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