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  1. This topic shouldn't only be focused on what's happening in Idlewood. You can clearly see that other people are experiencing the same issues. Banning volunteers would be an option but then again it's extreme. Instead make 'the volunteers' actual volunteers, don't hand them weapons only a baton and spray and a radio. If they need an actual cop on the scene they should ask for backup or a supervisor AND THESE OFFICERS SHOULD BE THE EXAMPLE. To come back to the point what Leonardo said is true, there needs to be education. For example many times I got suspected for 'attempt to do a crime'* (also troopers doing this), shouldn't cops specify the crime people are suspected for in the first place? This seems like a flaw in the education aswell. Cops should be punished for baiting civilians, it's a problem that happens and should also be enforced. * [02:57:51] Gerard_Stewart (8) suspected you of SA-PSC § VII.1. Attempt to do a crime Happend just today, keep in mind that this is not a volunteer.
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