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  1. William is a Countryside Lad.

  2. Some of the things can be fixed by making some kind of penalty for both dying and killing. - Longer jail times, and SU cooldown times for suspects indulging in murders frequently. (Reduce the Murder situations to an extent since a fine would be imposed each time) this should imply on cops too and they should be rewarded for arresting a criminal and fined for killing any suspect who is only suspected for petty reasons . - SU'ed suspects SU should not be removed after dying. Instead it should be reduced a level or he should spawn on the nearby hospital by default with the SU. - Limiting the ammo capacity of heavy weapons for both cops and criminals. - Some kind on fine on dying except for outside of turfs. It will reduce the amount of situations in which people chose to die rather than indulging in a RP sit.
  3. Supporting. Also intelligence gathering is not a hard task as it seems. Frisking and interrogating an SU criminal can be the first step of intelligence gathering if you are starting from scratch. When you keep collecting small data and keep on sorting it. It starts to make sense after some time
  4. Does this count all the 3 races scores or only of the one that was organised today ?
  5. In-game name: William_Woodman Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/11/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: vehicles Explain how does the bug occur: I repaired one 3k hp premier which had 1200hp left with a toolkit. After repair it's health was set to 750 Additional content: Toolkit is supposed to increase the ho not decrease the one's of 3k hp vehs
  6. Haha, this is not auction section so you can't meet him in court. :harold:
  7. In-game name: William_Woodman Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/10/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: I turned off the server sided health bar from /settings did some RP captured some screens. After few minutes i noticed it is turned back on. Additional content: It also gets turned on when we login again
  8. Notice the radar when i just logged in. i will add more as i get them
  9. In-game name: William_Woodman Date of when you discovered the bug: 07/08/2020 What feature is the bug relevant to: job Explain how does the bug occur: Few days ago i did the truckers job, but before delivering the cargo. i got crashed. I became off duty after that. But since then the destination icons for various trucking points keep popping on my radar.(Mainly Fallen Tree Warehouse & Ocean docks ship port). I tried doing the cargo for these places again, also tried relogging, going off duty again & again but nothing works. Additional content: This also happens when my truck fell in water and i went off duty. They vanish sometime then popup again
  10. We aint got no racism bro
  11. Username: Jack Dickinson Comment: don't censor ass from next time man.
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