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  1. Just two hours ago, a UC manager forces a group to leave turf, even though that group is RPly and scriptly affiliated to us. However, the group who was capturing the turf wasn't scriptly allied with them, therefore they were forced to leave. Now tell me, why were they asked to leave if we already do have connections?
  2. Since people are reffering and comparing ig situations to real life ones, I must note that in real life you don't see SWAT bunker patroling around pulling over random people, doing freecops' job. In addition, in real life you don't see volunteer with unknown background carry snipers and heavy weapons all around, people who become in sniper team pass through hell set of trainings to become highly professional and disciplened in order to do their job precisely without any harm to other civillian. Lastely, you don't see aircraft spraying rockets around to whoever passes. Therefore, you can't really clarify new rules based on real life situations if we are talking about light-medium RP.
  3. Those rules should be discussed before being implemented, because obviously the majority of us are not satisfied with it, as it limits the RP in the server and causes even more headaches than before.
  4. What is your in-game name? Kazuki_Gvardia Which player(s) do you want to report? Raf_Wozi When did the rulebreak happen? 07/18/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Kledi_Soprano, Emilio_valentino and some more. What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Quitting after being knocked to avoid RP/getting robbed. Evidence Chatlogs can confim everything. Around 00:00 server time in 18/7/2020. There was a shoot out which resulted in Raf getting knocked.
  5. Just accept criticization from people whom are representing their upset point of view rather than call it "provocations" and threaten to lock a topic, and hear us out for one single fucking time.
  6. And there's no other place to represent someone's point of view regarding a ban, since we can't reply in ban section topics. The one who lost his control was the manager.
  7. Couldn't agree more. I've been in many situations where I pass by near a shoot out with my mav and I get shot by cops out of nowhere. In fact, just today morning I was DM'ed by a cop for no reason and I didn't even know there were some suspect blip beneath me. The officer decided to leave those ground suspects whom are the real danger, and turned into me - the unhostile guy who are not even close to some roof, not doing anything that might trigger him- and started sniping the shit out of me. Everytime I report, I get the same message from administration which is "if u dont wanna get shot, don't pass by a shoot out nor involve yourself in it". Well, let's get to Eduardo's situation. He came to an active shoot out scene, stopped next to it, started watching with a nice buffalo car, by that time he could have collected many evidences of murders and possession of heavy weapons. He chose to involve himself in a shoot out, yet when our people suspected that the buffalo might be undercover cops, they decided to chase him down. All of a sudden you see a manager who speaks with caps on using words such as "fucking animals" in public chat, disabling it, not listening to any explanation then starts to abuse his rights punishing people around. Mike's ban is a huge mistake for 3 reason: 1) The one who ordered to rush the buffalo is not him. He was ordered, thus the blame should fall on the one who called the shot. 2) Mike's main intention wasn't to DM - as claimed in his ban reason - but rather to backup his allies as there was a backup call in WT. 3) Logs should have been checked to clarify that Mike didn't even shoot the way others did. As I was in the same situation as Eduardo was, and it used to be dealt as "then don't go in active shoot out situation and cry why u got shot", Eduardo has no right to punish nor ban people. #FREEMIKE
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