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  1. Will be buying the sultan. My phone number:95555.
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    I'm talking about imbalance. It's not about official status. As losing official = Losing warehouse. You expect us to fight with an 8KHP swat car with our deagle shotgun and rifle? Or you expect to buy HW from our enemy and get scammed?
  4. Zinx


    Hello there, as far we came to know 'Gambinos' and 'Bone Country Resistance' both have lost their official tag which means they are losing their warehouse as well. Don't you think it kinda makes an imbalance? We all know that criminal groups are divided into two-part. Since one of the parts is losing their warehouse means it's making imbalance. So, the groups are breaking since they can't engage in fights with no heavy weapons. the only way to get heavy weapons is through smuggling or buying from enemies? For the criminals it's true, no rival criminal group = no fun. No fun in turf. You will start capturing turf between your alliances. It would be great if managers look after giving Warehouse to an unofficial group as well. I heard that Gambino is going to close after a long journey of 3 years also BCR might close because rebels running without heavy weapons looks unfair.
  5. What is your in-game name? Zoro Magaddino Which player(s) do you want to report? Arem_Pelayo When did the rulebreak happen? 06/13/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? N/A What happened? (quote what rule was broken) The guy DM'ed me. He threw missile on me while I was a suspect roaming with in SAN HELI. {A cop suspected me for wrong reason and did /q} Without a single warn or anything he straight used missile on me with his fighter plane. He could use /pilot to surrender instead he choose to shoot me direct with his missile. I hope the Logs and the picture will clarify everything. Evidence Saman Gautam pressed his panic button at Lil' Probe Inn, Bone County [14:33:15] This vehicle is owned by a group. [14:33:17] *** [1 | 555] Zoro Magaddino: OMW Please note that the Panic was at Lil' Probe Inn [14:36:17] *** [1 | 555] Saman Gautam: i saw some missile [14:36:21] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [14:36:21] {FFFFFF}Josh_Magaddino (14){FFFFFF}: Leonardooooooooooooooooo [14:36:23] *** [1 | 555] Dimitry Abramov: Lol they were chasing me and I was not even sued, but they couldn't see my name [14:36:25] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [14:36:25] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [14:36:29] (( Zoro_Magaddino: WTF ??????? )) As you can see he didn't given any single warn. He straight used his missile on me {B5B5B5}Zoro_Magaddino (27){FFFFFF}: WTF WAS THAT ??????? [14:36:39] {FFFFFF}Josh_Magaddino (14){FFFFFF}: Leonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard** [14:36:44] {FFFFFF}David_Genovese (26){FFFFFF}: hydra [14:36:55] {FFFFFF}Arem_Pelayo (36){FFFFFF}: you're wanted [14:36:58] {FFFFFF}Josh_Magaddino (14){FFFFFF}: Me loves Leo [14:37:11] {B5B5B5}Zoro_Magaddino (27){FFFFFF}: I am wanted and you never told me to comply [14:37:25] {FFFFFF}Arem_Pelayo (36){FFFFFF}: you're flying a maverick whilst suspected for murder [14:37:40] {DEDE6A}Roronoa_Reznov (61){FFFFFF}: Arem, You need to Warn [14:37:48] {DEDE6A}Roronoa_Reznov (61){FFFFFF}: How are you a FBI? [14:37:48] {FFFFFF}Arem_Pelayo (36){FFFFFF}: nope This is our Public chat between me and the guy when I was knocked. He clearly mentioned he don't need to warn someone if he is driving a heli. You made a report ticket against Arem_Pelayo (36). Your report ticket is #2 in queue. AdmCmd: You have been teleported by Leonard_Hofstader (37). [14:54:18] Zoro Magaddino says: He could tell me in /pilot [14:54:21] Zoro Magaddino says: To pull over [14:54:25] Zoro Magaddino says: He direct shooted me [14:54:28] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: How is he supposed to know that cops are after him? [14:54:31] Arem Pelayo says: you were wanted for murder and flying away in a helicopter [14:54:47] Arem Pelayo says: that's simply evading [14:54:56] Zoro Magaddino says: I wasnot evading [14:54:57] Arem Pelayo says: so? [14:55:02] Zoro Magaddino says: I didnt even saw you [14:55:03] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: if he was warned and yet he evaded then he could be shot down I didn't even saw him chasing me or something. I just saw some missile sign in my map that was coming towards me. [14:55:19] Arem Pelayo says: he was coming in to aid his friends who were getting chased by police [14:55:29] Zoro Magaddino says: There was no shootout going [14:55:32] Arem Pelayo says: yes there was [14:55:40] Zoro Magaddino says: No shootout was going there [14:55:44] Arem Pelayo says: your other buddy who was wanted called backup [14:55:46] Arem Pelayo says: yes there were [14:55:59] Zoro Magaddino says: He didnt called backup at FC [14:56:04] Zoro Magaddino says: You killed me at FC Now check the panic location, please {above}. I was near Fort Carson when I got shot by the guy. And I saw no shootout right at Fort Carson when I entered. [14:56:43] Arem Pelayo says: you do not need a warning you're a murder suspect [14:56:29] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: But yet a warning should be given to him [14:56:40] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: He cannot know that cops are on his tail without being warned [14:56:43] Arem Pelayo says: you do not need a warning you're a murder suspect [14:56:44] Zoro Magaddino says: You straight shooted misile on me [14:57:00] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: So like before i asked you, if any suspect is in a vehicle [14:57:05] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: can cops shoot them down? [14:57:01] Zoro Magaddino says: You can tell me /pilot San heli leave [14:57:07] Arem Pelayo says: no you don't leave [14:57:14] Zoro Magaddino says: You didnt said to leave [14:57:28] Zoro Magaddino says: You cant kill a suspect [14:57:29] Arem Pelayo says: are u braindead? [14:57:30] Arem Pelayo says: I can [14:57:31] Zoro Magaddino says: Without saying anything He is admitting he don't need to give a 'warning' if the suspect is 'murder suspect' {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: He could have surrendered though if warnings were given] [14:57:43] Zoro Magaddino says: That means you can shoot any suspect you see in map ? [14:59:41] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: IRL do you see cops shooting down suspects without giving them any warning to surrend.. [14:59:41] ..er themselves? [14:59:47] {FF0000}Arem_Pelayo{DDA2F0} says: yes [14:59:52] * Zoro Magaddino claps [14:59:56] {FF0000}Leonard_Hofstader{DDA2F0} says: Just after this scene, I came to know that he is also an admin of the server who thinks cops can shoot every suspect without warning IRL. He took his admin duty in his report. I think it wasn't fair to take the admin duty during his report scene. **He is a FBI agent**
  6. please provide your phone numbee
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