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  1. I got the premier please close this topic
  2. Abbé karna, 1.3M let's close the deal today in game
  3. Make it 1.3k I'll but it IG Personal Note to Popeye: kam kar harami
  4. I've few, since holloween is all about dress up n trick or treat. Add skins to shops like ghost, zombies, pennywise, cyborg To /clothing like pirate hats, witch hats, broom sticks(the one witches use to fly) To decorations pumpkins n pumpkin patches would look awesome.
  5. Wow I got it thanks alot sir.
  6. Its really looks good Sir. Hoping to see night mode too
  7. I haven't seen him since then lol
  8. @sherkhan TBA = To be announced
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