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  1. For the admin reviewing this I'm sorry I lied to the other admins. I was excited to find free weapon source and I just couldn't resist the temptation of getting those free weapons. So I kept going in and out of FD loading equipment and storing it. I'm sorry. I'm ready to pay for my sins. Thank you.
  2. What is your in-game name? Pain Carlton Which staff member banned you? Richard Jones When did you get banned? 06/12/2020 What is the ban reason? Using bug to advantage Personal comment I took advantage by having free weapons from FD and doubling them.
  3. I'll happily do jail time then
  4. "They got the wrong guy" - Then what is /mdc for? This is the reason why they did what they did, because everybody thinks highly of them.
  5. If some staff cant RP why should I? Been killed by 2 already. Not going to report, I will just follow their examples
  6. I used to RP until a SWAT staff DMed me without warning. They literally just rammed our car and started shooting. No warning. So I don't think I should waste my time with /me tows police car
  7. If he's alone, I turn off engine. When he tries to fine me, I will tow his truck away. If they are many, I will evade until they give up or kill me. I'd love to accept fines but they are more expensive than dying or going to jail hahaha
  8. Interested. Where is this Gas station?
  9. I have an exact premier, thank you
  10. For 400K what can you offer me?
  11. Come to the server Yes + 1 Yes + 1 At night when admins are sleeping , they dm so much. One time, I parked at Ganton and someone thought "oh how nice would it be to spray him with an MP5" I reported but there was only 1 admin, dealing with multiple cases
  12. Do the profits get deducted if someone robs atm?
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