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  1. Your in-game name: [IX]Volume[vVv] Picture of in-game statistics:
  2. Volume

    Some new changes

    Sounds great. Playerbase also has gradually decreased. You people should start thinking about it too.
  3. 1. Converting a light roleplay server into a heavy one instantly will definitely decrease the playerbase. Not everyone is better on roleplaying each and every situation. As craze said, there are other better heavy roleplay servers, so why mudoo? The current heavy roleplay server already have a good playerbase and players there are dedicated and they also know what actually they're doing. SAMP servers are dying (exceptions for those Russian servers). Changing mudoo into heavy roleplay server will definitely make a drastic decrements to the playerbase since most of the players here isn't good with roleplaying. Because of the reason that SAMP is dying, playerbase also matters. The current condition of Mudoo seems to be fair where the exceptions can be made only for SWATs and the criminals. Both of the rivals keep hunting them, insulting and saying shits on public chat if one of them looses a fight or any valuable items. If SWATs are properly maintained i.e iif they do better roleplay which includes a strategic plan, strategic shooting rather than having no fear with guns, terrorists or mafia then, if criminals doesn't do the same in return, harsh punishments should be given to those. 2. There are some LEOs above claiming criminals just do /s stop or we shoot. The same thing is done by police officers obviously. Criminals are supposed to be more harsh (but ofc with a proper roleplay) with the condition they're facing. Criminals must perform criminal antics whereas the LEOs are supposed to stop the criminals with a patience and in legal way where as the criminals can even do it in illegal ways like shooting the tires of the enemy vehicle, shooting people who are inside a car or so. "/s stop or die " isn't the actual problem, its what criminals should do. The thing that actually lacks is the proper roleplay and players who're actually in target who don't feel like dying or bowing down. I see how a retarded cunt above mentioned the only group, Gambino who does /s stop or we shoot. PD and mafia/terrorist are rivals in game but a retarded fucker just started hating them while OOC. 3. Removal of blips can be an another effective way of increasing roleplay opportunities. Reasons are listed above by other players too. 4. Economy in mudoo isn't yet cared about. Players here earn millions in a day (IRL time). Millionaires should be rarely found but almost 70% players of mudoo are millionaires. Nerfing various money making method could be another effective way to control economy in mudoo.
  4. Your discord user: Volume#0856 Your number (1-25):7
  5. Was FPS locking allowed in the swimming marathon?
  6. Finally the server gonna take a step forward rather than sticking with the same shit.
  7. Discord User: Volume#0856 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Jesse Gambino Number (1-50) : 17 Also you should've mentioned that the giveaway is for A MONTH discord nitro.
  8. Nice thread design you got there. Good luck with it mate.
  9. What is your in-game name? Jesse_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Joey Corleone, Micheal Corleone, Roger Smith, Declan Finney and Mask_86176 When did the rulebreak happen? 07/18/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Harold Gambino, Daryl Reznov and Rodrigo Corleone What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I just joined in-game, some csc,andolini and cm started following me. I ran off to angel pine. I called some LET for backup and daryl got one of andolini down in our HQ. Everyone else ran off from there. I went HQ and saw that Harold Gambino was having some admin situation. I had picked daryl from the roof and he was with me. I was talking with rodrigo and was asking what actually happened. Daryl took a car and got out from our HQ's gate but was just next to the fence of our HQ and was observing the admin sit. I was inside(gam hq) near the fence (admin sit) and he was just next to it but outside. Joey logged in, came to our HQ. He literally saw me and daryl on hq but ofc he should have noticed that I was with admin. A min later, I saw many people in radar and I heard gun shots and they were shooting daryl's car. I jumped over the fence and said them to stop because I was talking with admin still they killed me. I even hadn't pulled out gun. I reported joey only since there were many people involved. Billy reached to me but I am not satisfied with his decisions so I am here. Evidence https://i.imgur.com/Rdl7lxR.png [12:41:47] (( Jesse_Gambino: ok backup apporached )) [12:41:49] (( Jesse_Gambino: on admin sit )) [12:41:56] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [12:41:56] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [12:41:57] {FFFFFF}Jesse_Gambino (14){FFFFFF}: serious [12:42:04] *** [#333] Lance Ryano left the channel. [12:42:06] (( Mark_Andolini: Rod you dont know any thing )) [12:42:06] Mask_86176 (walkie-talkie): wathcout [12:42:08] {FFFFFF}Jesse_Gambino (14){FFFFFF}: did you just saw that rodrigo? [12:42:13] * Peter_Gambino (9) logged in to the server. [12:42:13] *** [#333] Peter Gambino joined the channel. [12:42:19] (( Mark_Andolini: Cops kill me becuse I can't move )) [12:42:24] Michael Corleone robbed your M4 (249 ammo) from you. [12:42:24] * Michael Corleone robs a(n) M4 from Jesse Gambino. [12:42:25] {FFFFFF}Peter_Gambino (9){FFFFFF}: wb [12:42:26] (( Mark_Andolini: Becuse id 7 Ram me in water )) [12:42:26] You made a report ticket against Joey_Corleone (4). Your report ticket is #2 in queue. [12:42:26] {FFFFFF}Peter_Gambino (9){FFFFFF}: thx [12:42:27] {FFFFFF}Daryl_Reznov (6){FFFFFF}: dm in admin sit [12:42:30] {FFFFFF}Daryl_Reznov (6){FFFFFF}: nice [12:42:31] {FFFFFF}Jesse_Gambino (14){FFFFFF}: nice [12:42:33] {FFFFFF}Jesse_Gambino (14){FFFFFF}: dude [12:42:35] {FFFFFF}Peter_Gambino (9){FFFFFF}: nice [12:42:36] {FFFFFF}Jesse_Gambino (14){FFFFFF}: we were in admin sit [12:42:40] (( Mark_Andolini: no it is )) [12:42:41] {FFFFFF}Peter_Gambino (9){FFFFFF}: nice [12:42:41] Mask_86176 robbed your Desert eagle (88 ammo) from you. [12:42:41] * Mask_86176 robs a(n) Desert eagle from Jesse Gambino. [12:42:44] Mask_86176 robbed your Shotgun (50 ammo) from you. [12:42:44] * Mask_86176 robs a(n) Shotgun from Jesse Gambino. [12:42:44] Michael Corleone robbed Weed Seed (294 quantity) from you. [12:42:44] * Michael Corleone robs Weed Seed from Jesse Gambino. [12:42:46] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-012.png [12:42:50] {FFFFFF}Harold_Gambino (7){FFFFFF}: admin here!!!!! [12:42:51] [Ask] Peter_Gambino (9){FFFFFF}: Alpha [12:42:56] Michael Corleone robbed Coca Cola (79 quantity) from you. [12:42:56] * Michael Corleone robs Coca Cola from Jesse Gambino. [12:42:57] * Declan Finney puts a mask on their head. [12:43:01] [Ask] Lance_Ryano (13){FFFFFF}: How much does it cost? [12:43:05] Michael Corleone robbed Sprite (58 quantity) from you. [12:43:05] * Michael Corleone robs Sprite from Jesse Gambino. [12:43:07] * Roger Smith frisk the man
  10. Looking for some more daily stories.

  11. Daily missions maybe? It should give you like 30 scores and 50k money. Eg: Kill 15 enemies with mine /c4.
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