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  1. What is your in-game name? Ron Martin Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 08/16/2020 What is the ban reason? Hacking Personal comment I'm appealing this for my cousin and more like myself since I (Luke Martin) couldn't log in. I've asked some hours ago before my cousin got banned if I can let my cousin play on the same IP (but different PC) and the answer was 'yes', He registered and I've logged in and guided him. We both in fact were lagging so badly that we dis
  2. Welcome back Jason!
  3. Your in-game name: [IX]Volume[vVv] Picture of in-game statistics:
  4. Volume

    Some new changes

    Sounds great. Playerbase also has gradually decreased. You people should start thinking about it too.
  5. 1. Converting a light roleplay server into a heavy one instantly will definitely decrease the playerbase. Not everyone is better on roleplaying each and every situation. As craze said, there are other better heavy roleplay servers, so why mudoo? The current heavy roleplay server already have a good playerbase and players there are dedicated and they also know what actually they're doing. SAMP servers are dying (exceptions for those Russian servers). Changing mudoo into heavy roleplay server will definitely make a drastic decrements to the playerbase since most of the players here isn't good wi
  6. Your discord user: Volume#0856 Your number (1-25):7
  7. Was FPS locking allowed in the swimming marathon?
  8. Finally the server gonna take a step forward rather than sticking with the same shit.
  9. Discord User: Volume#0856 Mudoo RPG In-game Name: Jesse Gambino Number (1-50) : 17 Also you should've mentioned that the giveaway is for A MONTH discord nitro.
  10. Nice thread design you got there. Good luck with it mate.
  11. What is your in-game name? Jesse_Gambino Which player(s) do you want to report? Joey Corleone, Micheal Corleone, Roger Smith, Declan Finney and Mask_86176 When did the rulebreak happen? 07/18/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Harold Gambino, Daryl Reznov and Rodrigo Corleone What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I just joined in-game, some csc,andolini and cm started following me. I ran off to angel pine. I called some LET for backup and daryl got one of andolini dow
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