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  1. Volume

    0.3 DL

    Can we ? This would be our worst move since still we got a player-base of 30-40. 0.3DL isn't implemented by most of the servers and even this update crashes most of the modifications being used in 0.3.7. It's better to stay default until 0.3DL isn't completely released and isn't implemented by most of the servers. MG is still in development phase with less players playing on it. We shouldn't update to DL version of samp because getting good player base is a goal for every new servers to grow in future.
  2. Good luck to everyone who's participating into this.
  3. Volume

    [EVENT] Place Tracker

    Damn, these peoples are way too fast. I have never participated in the event like this since I feel lazy to find those :v
  4. k ma mom talk with me on discord on when we can play our match
  5. Your in-game name [EXALT]Volume You real life age 22 Your country and timezone Nepal and GMT +5:45 How do you describe yourself as a person I am a simple person. I feel myself to have the ability to deal with the things I need to face. I never preferred someone who was wrong in his thoughts. I am matured and honest enough to hold any good position. I have the quality to hold someone's anger. I have never tried offending other peoples as well I don't find any fun in insulting others. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Actually, I already had been in this community for a long time. It's like I know the way of dealing the things in this community. I previously was also a moderator, serving this community. I just left earlier due to low player base, to be frank. Not only that but also I was having some family problems that made me left gaming for a month. I had been playing samp since 2014 and I have good knowledge about each and everything of San-Andreas bugs and other related stuff. As for now, it got some more players to have fun. I thought why shouldn't I join the team and help to grow the server. You will see me in the game from now onwards. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Favors could be of any kind. I won't favor my friend if he's going against the rules of the server and harming the gameplay of other players playing in the server. But of course, I would definitely favor him if I felt that he's doing something good to maintain a fair play in the server. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? A warning is the first thing someone should receive if he does some normal rule break. As said above if someone keeps on breaking the rules after several warnings, my first duty would be a permission that I need to ask any higher level admin if s/he is in game. If not, I should follow the regular procedure i.e to kick the player. Any additional information you feel is relevant Don't judge me from my activity since I would be active from now onwards. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  6. Ousemma check your discord PM.
  7. Your IG name: [EXALT]Volume Your Timezone: GMT +5:45 When do you play(/ct): Afternoon and evening of GMT +5;45 A picture of your stats: Will add this soon.
  8. It looks promising. Thanks for this great effort for the community.

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