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  1. Looking for some more daily stories.

  2. Daily missions maybe? It should give you like 30 scores and 50k money. Eg: Kill 15 enemies with mine /c4.
  3. And we do expect more and more progress of Mudoo.
  4. M is for mirth, your laughter. U is for unite, you bring people together. D is for dignity, no one disputes this trait! O is for original, one of a kind! O is for orderly, a lifelong passion. That is what I've found.
  5. I guess yesterday was the last day for qualifying.
  6. Your In game name: Jesse_Gambino Possibility to attend: MID
  7. Does administrator counts moderator and helpers too? If so, name it as the best staff, kind staff and so.
  8. Volume

    | CraZe Media |

    Looks sick, nice one.
  9. Happy birthday, Morais.
  10. I've DMed you on discord. Let me know if you're willing to use team viewer again.
  11. Looks dope. Are you gonna open any kind of mapping service?
  12. I apologise for it and I don't want to stay banned. Since its already been 4 days I haven't been ig.
  13. I've no reasons behind it but I apologize for it.
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