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  1. What is your in-game name? Luca_Piscopo Which player(s) do you want to report? Michael_Wober, Eric_McMillan, Aberama_McCavern When did the rulebreak happen? 05/19/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Ereqsion_Piscopo, Bryan_Piscopo What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Shoting w/o reason We were on a hit and run after an attempt to explode an ATM, we normally flee until my friends shoot at the police, our car caught fire, we got out I got off not to shoot on the police, then my friends went into a Burger Shot but I didn't decide to flee. And instead of trying to stop my two friends, they metagame on the map (checkpoint, I was hiding without a gun ), then I fled, and when I fled, they kill me with a rifle and heavy weapons, I would ask for resuscitation they shot me for no reason. I can't find the server rules, I can't quote them Let me know that I wanted to surrender but I could not finish my sentence because the cops shoot me, it is unacceptable! Evidence [16:18:47] * Luca Piscopo turns on the engine of their Sunrise. [16:18:47] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [16:19:13] * Spex_Wilson (67) logged in to the server. [16:19:15] * Bradley_cooper (36) logged in to the server. [16:19:16] *** [1 | 5069] Bryan Piscopo: VIENT [16:19:25] * Branco_Piscopo (0) logged in to the server. [16:19:25] *** [1 | 5069] Branco Piscopo joined the channel. [16:19:37] Bryan Piscopo shouts [Arabic accent]: BURGER! [16:19:46] * Luppino_Gambino (100) logged in to the server. [16:19:55] *** [1 | 5069] Branco Piscopo: re [16:20:01] *** [1 | 5069] Branco Piscopo: lourd j'ai pas été compté comme ks [16:20:03] Bryan Piscopo shouts [Arabic accent]: NETRE! [16:20:04] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}Michael_Wober (60){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [16:20:05] *** [1 | 5069] Ereqsion Piscopo: ON EST MORT [16:20:14] *** [1 | 5069] Branco Piscopo: hein [16:20:17] *** [1 | 5069] Ereqsion Piscopo: J'AI QUE 20 BALLES [16:20:19] * Tom_Shelby (103) logged in to the server. [16:20:22] *** [1 | 5069] Branco Piscopo: vous êtes où [16:20:26] *** [1 | 5069] Ereqsion Piscopo: LV burger shot [16:20:30] *** [1 | 5069] Ereqsion Piscopo: retranchement [16:20:36] {FF2121}Chip: {FFFFFF}Hey guys! {FF2121}Pedro_Barra (94){FFFFFF} joined for the first time! Wish them a great stay! [16:20:36] * Atanas_Gambino (104) logged in to the server. [16:20:41] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [16:20:41] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [16:20:44] *** [1 | 5069] Bryan Piscopo: Luca ? [16:20:56] Lost connection to the server. Reconnecting.. [16:20:57] The server is restarting.. [16:20:57] Connecting to [16:21:04] The server didn't respond. Retrying.. [16:21:04] Connecting to [16:21:10] The server didn't respond. Retrying.. [16:21:10] Connecting to
  2. Hello, my old bans date from 2 months it seems to me, after that I continued to RP correctly and of course in compliance with the server regulations, then I may have been banned three times but since these old bans I didn’t make a mistake other than this but I don’t understand why I’m banned just for that when there are people who just take a warn for exactly the same thing. Then all the ban that I took are not ban for important reasons: TP Hacks: I fully assume it and I shouldn't have used this hack. Then I have a SAMP CAC, so it's impossible to cheat. Know that teleportation I use it only when I was alone and not with other players. I never piss anyone off with this hack. Macro / Auto Keybind: I did have a keybind, except that I was behind my screen talking to my friends on the radio and in case someone spoke to me in game. I use a keybind so as not to retype the command every time. In addition, I did not know that it was prohibited on this server. And I don't have a keybind anymore, so you can see this little change. / q to avoid robbery twice and admin situation: I explained myself with the administrator in question and I was even unban 1 hour later. It was my debut on the server in more detail. In addition, I had / q because I was angry in real life and I assume this error again and again, I also did not know that the person wanted to search me, I did not know very well all the features of the server to back then because I was new, I had / q directly after my kill. Also, the person had killed me for no real reason and on top of that the person had made an alliance with a police officer of the waiter so that they help me to kill me. That's why I was upset and I / q. For the / qa the explanations to the admins, it was because I did not speak very good English and I was afraid to say anything suddenly I invited him to join me on discord like that, I could translate to be sure of what I tell her. I also want to clarify that during these ban, I was new to the server and you yourself can understand me. I also want to clarify that I did not repeat the above errors following my unban, it will be the same here. Answer: 1 - You will have to unban me to give me another / last chance, I promise you that I would never make this mistake again in the future. The changes will be that once I get unban (if I am), I will RP in accordance with the server rules and you will not be disappointed. The changes will be more than visible. 2 - You will see that I understood the lesson and that I would never repeat this error again in the future. I will RP in full compliance with the server rules.
  3. I apologize again and again for the inconvenience caused, it will never happen again, I would really like to be unban in order to continue to RP on the server
  4. I apologize for what I did, by the way I have never been sanctioned for a /q. I really would like to be unbanned. If I got unbanned, I would play properly and I would respect the server's rules.
  5. What is your in-game name? Luca_Piscopo Which staff member banned you? Matthew_Carter When did you get banned? 05/14/2020 What is the ban reason? /q to avoird arrest Personal comment Hello, I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused but it was not my goal. I assume that I quit the game so as not to be arrested, but I did this because my car has despawned. I apologize once again, I fully accept my error. I would like to return to the server in order to play normally. It will no happen again!
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