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  1. Hello Admin with my due respect im ashamed what i did please unban me i will improve my self and never let that happen again trust i give you man word
  2. i was feeling unsafe admin, before they plant weed near my journey, they are flying with a heli and comes to me, im just feeling paranoid, admin..i just thought they are the FBI guys who wanted to seize my stash.. thats why im coming down from the mountain and buys guns if something went wrong, knowing that they are the same guys who robbed me yesterday, i just shoot them.. i only comes to AP to makes meth, nothing more. Abt the RK, i will think twice next time before i shoot somebody i swear im just feeling paranoid, pls admin unban me and jailed me instead pls
  3. What is your in-game name? Tony_Rosato Which staff member banned you? Mazen_Gambino When did you get banned? 05/22/2020 What is the ban reason? DM Personal comment I got banned for 5 days because im doing dm? im doing it because i got unsafe with Ahmed Triad and the other guys who already takes out their guns while im doing meth making, they didn't even RP taking out guns. Also im afraid of getting robbed this 3 times by those peoples, Its not RKing because i already died these times. Anyway the admin only take reason from one side and not the other side. I need my own reason too, you can't just ban people for 5 days because he feeling unsafe and doing what's called self protection...
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