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  1. Are you not going to acknowledge the Staff Report I fit on here?
  2. What is your in-game name? Sami_Hawk (Diego_Starm) Which staff member banned you? Quintavius Carpenter When did you get banned? 07/13/2020 What is the ban reason? Quoted "impersonating, bye sami hawk our lovely admin, your English sucks though." Personal comment Hello this is my 2nd Time Posting a Ban appeal of this matter. I have seen the Ban appeal info post and it says that Mudoo Believes in Seconds Chances and I hope this is true . I don't remember much from the Situation as it was a while ago (Thats why the date is wrong) but from what I do remember is that I wrongfully changed my name to Sami Hawk and kinda lied about my "Administrator Status". I will admit that what I did was wrong. I want to apologize about all the inconvenience & all the stress that I caused to all the admins. I want to get back to Role playing and cooperate with all staff. Thank you - Diego NOTE: I will immediately change my name to Diego_Starm when I am unbanned.
  3. (Question, Should I report Sam Woods on Staff Report or continue it here?)
  4. @Mikro I DM’ed them not from Mudoos Discord but from a In Game Group’s Discord that I have a high ranking in witch I DMed them as a Friend and I never use Mudoos Discord for DM’s
  5. I never advertise on Mudoo’s Discord but, I told told Sam Woods about my server and he joined. He Can’t Just say bad things about mudoo and ban me from my server then call it Advertising on PM’s Thats a Unrealistic ban (My Mudoo RP Ban Appeal also got Denied for “Advertising on Discord” for the reason as this) (Are you not going to go after Sam Woods Behavior?)
  6. (dont forget that he said that Mudoo Staff "Abuse" him)
  7. @Mikro In my Defense I PM'ed Sam Woods (I did not get his discord from Mudoos Server but his Friends Server) and I said "Mudoo might have some competitions as I started a New RP Server" and he responded something like "oh nice I wanna join" and he did he joined. Sam Woods Convinced me to give him Admin so I did. Soon after he Invited Roodney Winters, Enreque Mendez. Then he started saying "Fuck Mudoo" "I can steal their scripts" so I was confused and asked why he would say such thing as a Mudoo Emplyee. He responed with "The Mudoo Managers Abuse" and stuff like that. They even started saying how my server would be the best. ( I have logs to Prove all of this) then he started to make fun of Mattew Carter and he changed his name to that and soon after that he IP Banned me FROM MY OWN RP SERVER (I have logs) PROVIDED LOGS [11:18:53] Sam Woods says: i am developer in mudoo [11:19:00] Sam Woods says: i steal mudoo script [11:19:04] Diego Starm says: ok? [11:19:05] Jacob Finney says: Diego i know how to script pawn c++ [11:19:10] Jacob Finney says: Make me a developer [11:19:20] Sam Woods says: i can make this server better than mudoo with jacob [11:19:22] Diego Starm says: So yall know [11:19:22] Jacob Finney says: i can help script for you [11:19:27] Jacob Finney says: fuck mudoo [11:19:29] Diego Starm says: ok [11:19:30] Sam Woods says: yeah [11:19:32] Sam Woods says: fuck matthew [11:19:39] Jacob Finney says: MudooC [11:19:41] Diego Starm says: BRO WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS [11:19:46] Sam Woods says: mudoo sucks man [11:19:47] Jacob Finney says: Because Mudoo suscks [11:19:48] Jacob Finney says: ass [11:19:52] Sam Woods says: no one likes mudoo [11:19:57] Sam Woods says: all managers are bad there [11:19:57] Diego Starm says: why do you work for them [11:19:58] Jacob Finney says: We need to grow this community [11:19:59] Sam Woods says: they abuse [11:20:05] Jacob Finney says: I'm just a player [11:20:07] Diego Starm says: I am saveing logs [11:20:09] Jacob Finney says: im sick of mudoo [11:20:15] Sam Woods says: i will leave mudoo after stealing everything from mudoo [11:20:17] Diego Starm says: Sam [11:20:19] Sam Woods says: i got the script too [11:20:23] Sam Woods says: ya [11:20:58] Jacob Finney says: Diego bro just relax we will make Poptart Rp grow [11:20:58] Sam Woods says: in mudoo? [11:21:01] Sam Woods says: yes i can [11:21:02] Jacob Finney says: as big as LSRP [11:21:04] Diego Starm says: ok [11:21:09] Diego Starm says: o [11:21:15] Sam Woods says: i will unban you in mudoo too [11:21:18] Diego Starm says: ok [11:21:19] Sam Woods says: then we both steal mudoo script [11:21:21] Sam Woods says: and other things [11:22:59] Enrique Mendez says: I am senior in mudoo [11:22:59] Sam Woods says: i was executive director man [11:23:01] Jacob Finney says: i'm willing to steal from Mudoo [11:23:06] Jacob Finney says: and i know how to script [11:23:16] Jacob Finney says: Atleast make me a developer [11:23:32] Matthew Carter says: See my name [11:23:34] Diego Starm says: WTFFFFFFF [11:23:38] Matthew Carter says: admin name [11:23:38] Diego Starm says: no man [11:23:44] Matthew Carter says: its /aduty name [11:26:02] Matthew Carter says: i said i will steal mudoo things [11:26:03] Matthew Carter says: and give u Then soon after that they IP Ban me Let me show you this ((((([11:19:32] Sam Woods says: fuck matthew)))) CONSOLE LOGS [11:26:40] [zcmd] [Enrique Mender]: /banip [11:26:41] [zcmd] [Matthew Carter]: /banup [11:26:43] [zcmd] [Enrique Mender]: /ip 1 [11:26:46] [zcmd] [Matthew Carter]: /banip [11:26:46] Unloading Diego_Starm's vehicles. [11:26:46] [part] Diego_Starm has left the server (1:2) [11:26:48] [zcmd] [Jacob]: /b Yeah im rooney [11:26:49] [zcmd] [Matthew Carter]: /a I BANNED HIM [11:26:55] [zcmd] [Matthew Carter]: /a Take SS XDDDDDDDD [11:26:56] [zcmd] [Jacob]: /a hahahhaha Not Only this is a Ban Appeal this is a Staff Report (Reporting Sam Woods for Lieing about me PMing him for a Adverising my server and Claiming he would steal Mudoos Scripts and Saying (Fuck Matthew) witch is making fun of his boss THIS BEHAVIOR FROM SAM WOODS IS INAPPROPRIATE Thank you,
  8. What is your Discord account? realdiegopoptart#2998 When did you get banned? 07/20/2020 What is the ban reason? ? Unknown Personal comment I never interacted with the Discord Server that day till I saw it was out of my server list so I imagined that I might of deleted the server which I thought it was my mistake. When I attempted to join the server again it showed a Error saying that I got banned. I am wondering what might of got me in this situation?
  9. As seen in the picture I provided I went to LSCH to change my name to normal but then I got banned
  10. Mazden I had no bad intentions for this all I wanted to do was to have a little fun with this in occ and I tried no to affect Rp for other players. Sorry If I ruined people’s roleplay. When I pm’ed Odane I was gonna tell him its Diego Starm but forgot to do so.
  11. What is your in-game name? Sami_Hawk (Diego_Starm) Which staff member banned you? Quintovirus When did you get banned? 07/12/2020 What is the ban reason? My name was Sami Hawk and “my English is bad” Personal comment I went to Lsch to change it and quin banned me
  12. As we all know PD and Arab News has some controversy. So our reporter Diego Poptart wanted to hear the EMT side of things. Mr Poptart went do a hospital and asked Christine Frost for an Interview. Christine responded yes. Diego Poptart asked her a few questions. Mr Poptart asked her very formal and straight forward questions. Per usual Mr. Poptart asked Ms. Frost for her ems ranking she had said that she was In EMS and wants to get a promotion to Paramedic. Christine was very nice and kind through out the interview. Then I asked what is you communications with PD with this job. She responded by saying that PD and EMS are in very close contact and PD assists her as she dose her job. "Christine coworker's are really nice and most are her friends" as she told me after I asked about her relationship with her coworkers. EMS are kind people and has help our reporters as they got hurt in the past.
  13. At what time will this be in IRL Mountain Time?
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