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  1. I got a question, can you appeal your forum ban? If so, were tf do I do so?

    1. Nicest
    2. Diego_Poptart


      that's something that the managers should figure out.

  2. tbh the new name is shit, Mudoo Gaming is wayyy better name then Valrise, Also Valrise sounds like a 9 yearolds Fortnite Clan. #BringBackOldName *Would I see Staff Members Roasting My Name? ((Diego_Starm))
  3. Can we actually get somewhere with this Appeal, I just wanna start clean, Take the necessary net-worth removal & do the normal process for 2nd ban
  4. Ohh man, Well my chances of returning back to mudoo is low.


    I just wanna start fresh again

  5. Also Community Banned!, For what? "for advertising a server of a 0 player base?, Pooptard/Madness has no threat to your server or Playerbase I just wanna start new on Mudoo Again, The Second I come back I will CK'ed my self and start fresh
  6. Yikes! Well Everyone has Mistakes, including you, I have realized my Shit Plan of a Server will never work, I just wanna RP on a Quality Server
  7. To begin with I used some Internet scripts, now I actually script them, Second I can never grow a server as yours
  8. What is your in-game name? Diego_Starm Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 08/13/2020 What is the ban reason? Bringing Hate, and Adverising on Spageroili Discord Personal comment I can see the Reason why I got banned What I don't understand is how can I get banned on from Putting something on Spageroli Discord Discord when its not on Mudoos Service, Well Besides that I guess I am done with Advertising, People get that I own a shit server,
  9. I dont know what to feel about this update, I mean, its too simple its confusing, idk, what are your opinions?

  10. Ahh, Im interested in helping out with testing, but, I am banned in almost every mudoo server, Maybe I can help test the /ban feature or maybe script abuse so the Devs can fix it. Im so proud of the Mudoo V team from starting from scratch.
  11. Should I make a Ban Appeal?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pedro.


      no, stay away from here

    3. dellpacker


      Please dont

    4. dellpacker


      Atually yes its worth a shot

  12. Since when was there a Forums Update?

    1. AmmY


      Yesterday i think

    2. MrSp3x


      since you were banned


    3. Diego_Poptart


      should I make a ban appeal?

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