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  1. What is your in-game name? Mike Kelly Which player(s) do you want to report? Jesse Spagerolli When did the rulebreak happen? 08/14/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? What happened? (quote what rule was broken) OOC Insult. Evidence PM from Jesse_Spagerolli (49): report me with valid proofs you dumb turkish cunt
  2. Irish Motors dealership, taxi and mechanic service. If you need mechanic; come to our garage in Ganton in front of Ten Green Bottles. If you need our Taxi seervice; call 700 If you want to buy car; visit our garage in Ganton in front of Ten Green Bottles. You can buy, and sell your car to our dealership. Come to garage or call 36373 (Irish Motors Dealership Manager Mike Kelly). Vehicles for sale: Rancher - Fully tuned and 3 level alarm for 85k Elegy - Fully tuned for 75k Flash - Fully tuned for 40k Windsor - Fully tuned and 2 level alarm for 60k Note: We can deal about money. Irish Motors Dealership - Manager Mike Kelly
  3. Name: Mike Kelly Type: Business Reason: We need office in here as The Irish Mob, we will do some business in here with RP scenes (we will post). Image:
  4. I cant enter, there is small invisible wall.
  5. Name: Mike Kelly Type: Business Reason: Property id 2539. It is mine. And it has garage and gate like this. When I look inside it has garage interrior. But there is no way for enter. I want to remove this wall and use garage with gate for some rp. Ricky Martin has Club and we do car meets and races. I want use here for this and more Rp. I have great ideas about it. Pls remove wall and I will do a lot of RP in this property. Image:
  6. What is your in-game name? Mike Kelly Date & time of occurence? 07/28/2020 03:20 Elaborate how you lost this/these items A newbie grabbed my mask for no reason. I didnt understand when he did. I tried to /mask Then it Said You dont have mask. I thinked it is bug and I relogged. And I can check chat logs now. Pls look Who did it and say me. I will report. And please refund my mask THANKS Proof Randy Lahmer was in there.
  7. Hi I have office in LS behind gs9 id 872. It has small office interrior. I want to change it to Ganton GYM In singleplayer (interrior id 51) and add sprunk machine. Because I will do some rp like Fighting Club. I will host big and mini events which one has prize and RP.
  8. Discord: Willy monkaS#0229 IG Phone Number: 36373 Note: If you want to call IG you should wait untill 07.21.2020
  9. Ok I accept it was DM. I wont do it again. I will read /rules again from 0. I dont want to lise Server which one I played 450 hours. You can be sure I wont do any rulebreak again. I will think 2 times before Shooting someone. Trust me. And I waited 5 days. I thinked about these. Thanks.
  10. In this situation, some staffs and players thinking different. I think it wasnt NO Reason. We killed cops. I as su. Then 2 masked guy in buffalo were watching us. When we are trying to learn Who are they, they evaded. These were my opinion. But you Said it is DM. I dont deny it now. I talked to Eduardo and I was thinking about we solved. He was at situation and he dan understand me. Finally, how can I justify I know rules??? I am 19 level. I rode rules, I played at another rp Servers in the past.
  11. I admit I made a mistake and I apologize for doing what I did. I realize what I'm doing wrong and I hope I'll get another chance to make things right.
  12. And please dont tempban, just unban. I already waited 3 days and I took ban cuz my punishment history. I want to play, I bored
  13. So, I will change my behaviour, I wont do any mistake again. I wont do rulebreak you can trust me.
  14. I have evidence too sir. I posted video go to 29. minutes everything happening in this minute. As you can see I shoot when Winter Manyak is knocked and I shoot him after this. So I wasnt reason for die of anybody or any car. Like 1 week ago, I saw situation like this I was in. Someone said SHOOT on wt channel and We shooted. After this only who is said SHOOT got punish. I read all rules, after 450 hours, nearly I know everything. Perma ban for 1 bullet to knocked fbi when they watching us and I was su. I THINK, I didnt do anything wrong. I asked other admins too. They have another idea too. But this situation was different. It was weird. You think different ok I can understand. But I just want to play, everyone does mistakes, and I think it is not mistake for ban or tempban. So when you unban me, I will play carefully. After my first ban I changed my behaviour fully. You can be sure about I dont do rulebreak again. Finally, I waited 3 days for unban. I just want from you unban not tempban anymore.
  15. Hi! After 2 days from ban appeal, I didnt get any reaction from staff members. I want to play, I dont want to wait for no reason. Please react to my ban appeal and give justice. Thanks!
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