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  1. i did but my message cant be sent my discord is Etching187#5273
  2. Oh and wait ive just noticed this if you feel confused about our profile pictures we're really different and im the one suggested him his profile picture skin
  3. We are all started playing on a cafe and now i am playing on my own and i swear sam
  4. Sam im explaining it all already i did not evade, we are different person in real life what do i need to do to prove it to you i swear i can prove it ill do everything what you want me to do just to prove it i swear kane is kane and i am BOG MAN we are linked up irl
  5. What is your in-game name? Little_WeaseI Which staff member banned you? Danny_Winters When did you get banned? 05/19/2020 What is the ban reason? ban evading as kane menace Personal comment Hi first of all i want to let all of you know that im not kane menace im not ban evading as kane menace we're both playing in a internet cafe he is my real life friend, if you check our ips the result must be the same as we both plays in a same shop, me, kane and kelly monique area real life friends, kane distributed the server to our groupchat and recruited us here and all of us are gonna play on the server. ps. the spelling of my ig name Weasel is really Weasei the i is just capital.
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