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  1. Lol we just told him PULL OVER so many times but he didn't and u can check chat logs about that. He kept running and jumping and he went out of truck and pressed panic
  2. What is your in-game name? Sneax_Magaddino Which player(s) do you want to report? Henry_Gadino When did the rulebreak happen? 07/24/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? No gun fear What happened? (quote what rule was broken) We were 3 guys full armour and full hp aiming on Henry who is not armed or armoured and he keeps jumping and running, also i got logs for this rulebreak Evidence [10:15:48] *** [2 | 333] Ned Jacobs pressed his panic button at Hunter Quarry, Bone County [10:17:42] * Henry Gadino presses his walkie-talkie panic button. [10:17:49] Sneax Magaddino shouts [Italian accent]: PULL OVER! [10:17:50] * Sneax Magaddino buckles their seatbelt. [10:17:51] Ned Jacobs shouts [Hillbilly accent]: hey! [10:17:52] * Shubham Magaddino rolls the dice, which lands on {FFCC00}1{DDA2F0}. [10:19:56] (( Shubham_Magaddino: we were 3 aiming on him and he start jumping ))
  3. ok sorry i dident know its not allowed,my apoligies for this @Jelly i replaced it
  4. i think i knew why i run so fast with girl skin. i guess its because of ped.ifp if it is i will change if its not so i dont know what make me like that
  5. What is your in-game name? Gabriel_Guerrero Which staff member banned you? Hailee_Rivera When did you get banned? 06/28/2020 What is the ban reason? ILLEGAL MODIFICATIONS Personal comment Idk why i got banned im using CAC and im clean i dont have cleo file even
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