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  1. i said i didnt hack go look up GL input its not hacks it juss makes it easier to use a controller
  2. if you really think about i never evaded yall just took all my stuff away for no reason and blamed me for hacks that was never a hack and actuall harcore roleplay servers allow you to use them
  3. Then yall took my car away and my house so of course i'd make another account yall took all the stuff i worked for over nothing
  4. I don't care at this poing so i'm going to just come out and say it i have been playing this server since Christmas of 2019 when around 1am in the morning there was like 5 people on but now its like the server always have like 10 to 20 people on the server yes im marcus_carpenter/lamar_carpenter/ and the reason i have been evading is because somebody got my ip banned at my grandpa house and this server's samp cac doesn't work and yall wouldn't un cac me even though i didnt cheat GL isn't a cheat and since i couldnt play my main account so i made another account and played on that because i couldn't play on the account that i worked so hard for i understand i accepted hack weapons but i gave them back and still got banned i was unbanned and played hen i started using my controller and learned to use shotgun quick shooting which has no hacks or anything its just abusing samp physics and i have made ban appeals at my grandma house telling them to unban my ip and they wont so i just started playing over here because my ip banned but my character isnt banned so i want to play my character but i cant because yall wont unban my Ip
  5. not really since yall have a high player base now you don't care about you og members
  6. What is your in-game name? SmokeYou_Santiago/David Which staff member banned you? Sam_winters When did you get banned? 05/20/2020 What is the ban reason? Ban evading as johny jatt Personal comment As i told him me and johny go to the same school and he came over to my house a couple times and played using his lap top and since my house has trash wifi we used a couple of different hotspots in the house and so when i made my character on the same wifi tha he has played on they think i'm him
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