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  1. dude 25.000 gangsters in gang but at least they are the same gang dont change the name just ballas but evry one stay at his street
  3. Ahmed_Triad

    Why Ballas

    Sir Manager i dont think the manager Who accepted 3 Ballas Groups in the same sever is an normal human thats will be less Roleplay in the server we never saw in the real life 3 Bloods Gang or 3 Crips only 1 and that be DM in the server 3 Ballas Many shootouts Fucking DM they Camping at Gs9 / Idleowod/Temple/East los santos Holly shiit Take decision about that
  4. im not very Idiot to use Aimbot after i got catched or after i give another chance i swear mazen i dodnt know that it will be not deleted Automaticlly and i never use it after i installed CAC you can check damege logs unban me please i delted manuyally the aimbot please dude its mussieunderstatnd let me continue my carrier at sever Please مازن ارجوك اقسمبالله ما اعرف اني لازم حذف الايمبوت بعد ما احمل ال كاك نا لست غبي لدرجة ان استعمل هااك بعد ا منحي فرصة اخرى please dont wrong me I am not on purpose
  5. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_Santiago Which staff member banned you? dizzy When did you get banned? 05/24/2020 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment in my last appeal Mazen told me you just got CAced and used Aimbot 1- i didnt use the Aimbot in fight 2- I dont know that i obliged CAC and i installed CAC i should delet Aimbot i Thought when I instal CAC the aimbot i cant use it Automaticly i dont know tah is be Manuel to delet i thought when i install CAC the Aimbot Will Be deleted Automacticlly 3- i dont lie bcz i didnt use aimbot in fight and i just looged in they banned me 4- Trevor promise me i dont got banned if i tell the turth and he obbliged me CAC Unban me now ideleted Aimbot Manulally
  6. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_Triad Which staff member banned you? dizzy When did you get banned? 05/24/2020 What is the ban reason? Aimbot Personal comment sir cop report me for aimbot and im obbliged to use CAC and i did that but when i joined the serveur Mazen / Dizzy banned me bcz the same player report me for aimbot(i didnt do anyfight after i logged in ) Trevor_Web Oblliged me to use CAC i did it why they ban me?
  7. Cuffed sir i escaped by Bike not By car then i can when i be cuffed
  8. @Billy hello sir i was in the cursiuer suscpect and they open the car for me and i find my friend i pressed G and i esxaped Mazn_Gambino Warned Me for powergaming he said you was dragged and i told him they dragged me after i Pressed G he ddint trust me i gave him logs and he just want to SUPPORT THE COPS i have logs hey Dragged me after i pressed G [23:52:50] This vehicle is owned by omar_triad. [23:52:51] * Artyom Collins drags the suspect he warned me
  9. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_Triad Which player(s) do you want to report? Tony_rosato When did the rulebreak happen? 05/22/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Hacks What happened? (quote what rule was broken) hello sir i was in game somone pmed me he told me you waatn meth hack autockilcker i told him no then i contacted admin he told me get the hack from him and gimme yet i pmed the somone wit hnew account lvl 0 he told me go forrum help me to unban and i iwll give you script then i went forum he gave me photo [he is banned he should never BE unabnned bcz he was Bane evading and he told me i will cretae new account] Evidence [09:57:28] PM from Lorne_Malvo (43): in my software, you only press 1 button to make meth [09:58:00] PM from Lorne_Malvo (43): but i have request [09:59:32] PM from Trevor_Webb (47): Take it from him and give me and lemme check.
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