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  1. What is your in-game name? Martinn_Genovese Which staff member banned you? Hailee_Rivera When did you get banned? 08/29/2020 What is the ban reason? it says ban evading Personal comment i dont know what to say...i logged in after nearly 22-24hrs after last night. it says you are ban for ban evading.i don't know why m banned , i was not in any activity agaiinst the rules and not tried to ban evade...help me soon sir.....and above all that permanently banned
  2. I have 10m... after 3 weeks of irl play And thts too for 3hrs or loss daily Ss far I know you are a old player of mudoo.... very old
  3. Have 10m + aftr 3weeks og join already
  4. not his fault..he do this in every page...he sell his item overpirced and bids below the minimum BO
  5. Sorry it was 911 I just forgot the number here Sorry But they really don't reply It's the truth sir.
  6. Also server says we can't ICly shoot against cops when it's 4v1. But when it's reverse the cop shoots and took out his gun. In a IRL situation the cop will be already dead when he touch his gun. He even asked for backup by /pm to other cops I know bcz we were their and he dint asked in his /wt for help or /r...I also asked a few of my cop friends that if he asked for backup...they said no....thn where the fuck 5 cop came and that also senior rank cops....like wtf....i can understand volunteers doing this shit and reported this....from....and don't say that he could have spa
  7. Leave everything....even if a cop gie you a a false sue and cuff you and run away /Support say call 911 And noone responds there It's cool this way Making cops the greatest gang It's not like IRL situation which occurred where cops get baited and get killed because of their own foolishness.If it's a RP server make it look like. Remove some rules like cop baiting....cops need to know himself who to go for and where not to take bait. Don't spoon feed them I got ticket 3 times by level 3 guys saying I broke rule and when I ask what rule they don't know and
  8. Selling news chopper...start over 1m 1m shd be the least offer
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