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  1. I dont know i didnt want to lose my mask,M4 other guns etc.. Because then i wouldve requested a refund of the same weapon for the 2nd time. I was chasing him to get his mask id. after i got it he started shooting me so i just shot back
  2. What is your in-game name? Sandra_Spark Which player(s) do you want to report? Mask_21458 When did the rulebreak happen? 07/29/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Matthew_Wattson,Cynthia_Faith What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was driving around near Market then i saw Matthew pull over Cynthia for speeding so i decided to look the TS, because many people told that Matthew cant perfrom TS/s. So... i was watching the TS on the other side of the road, Then i saw a Blue Elegy approaching to us. At first he rammed the PD car into the car that Cynthia was driving aka Bullet. After that we didnt say anything we continued our RP. After that he started burning out right in front of the Police Officer. Me and Matthew warned him told him not to copbait, he did not stop after that when he drove off i decided to take his mask ID and report him for Copbaiting. I was chasing him down until he automaticaly stopped near the Winters Corp. I rammed him accidentally becuase he stopped instantly after that he came out of his car and didnt even warn me or anything just started shooting me. I tried to drive away but my Buffalo was broken becuase he shot it too many times. I came out and ran for abit, then i started fighting back because i knew that if i woulde ran i wouldve not got away because he had Elegy working. I stopped running and took out my Pistol and shot his Elegy. After he came out i took my M4 and shot him, after some shots he started running towards SMB but i got him with my pistol. I immediately started reporting him but he leeft as soon as i knocked him. Evidence [15:07:26] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: Good evening. [15:07:32] Cynthia Faith says [Mongolian accent]: Evening. [15:07:42] Matthew Wattson (radio): VT Matthew Wattson, SAPD. [15:07:52] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: Do yoy know why I pulled you over? [15:08:03] {FFFFFF}Jim_Callahan (22){FFFFFF}: 3 admins online anyone look at support [15:08:06] [Advertisement] 4d casino open 50k - 300k bets welcome [15:08:06] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 7777 [15:08:13] AdmCmd: Mark_Salvatrucha has been warned by Rooney_Winters. Reason: Car jacking without roleplay [15:08:16] (( Matthew_Wattson: you* )) [15:08:16] Cynthia Faith says [Mystical accent]: Enlighten me, please. [15:08:30] {F27979}Taz_Choi (74){FFFFFF}: T/pns [15:08:30] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: The commerce radar caught you speeding. [15:08:42] * Cynthia Faith points to the buffalo. [15:08:54] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: You were driving with 147 km/h, [15:08:55] Cynthia Faith says [Mystical accent]: Didn't you see her driving on the wrong lane? [15:09:07] PM to Cynthia_Faith (33): [15:09:17] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: Firstly I am handling this. [15:09:18] {FFFFFF}Jim_Callahan (22){FFFFFF}: Any admin look at support please. [15:09:21] {FFFFFF}Tom_Magaddino (78){FFFFFF}: na [15:09:25] [Ask] Angela_Cole (5){FFFFFF}: whats Armory case [15:09:27] Matthew Wattson says [San Fierro accent]: I would like to see a license. [15:09:31] {FFFFFF}Jim_Callahan (22){FFFFFF}: No one talk to you Tom. [15:09:32] (( Sandra_Spark: dont bait )) [15:09:37] (( Matthew_Wattson: GOO AWAY )) [15:09:38] {FFFFFF}Tom_Magaddino (78){FFFFFF}: yes [15:09:40] [Ask] Roronoa_Reznov (14){FFFFFF}: Its a case, You can /use armour case to armour yourself. [15:09:41] * Cynthia Faith opens the dashboard of the car. [15:09:45] * Cynthia Faith takes out papers. [15:09:46] (( Matthew_Wattson: I WILL REPORT U AGAIN )) [15:09:55] * Cynthia Faith hands them over to the cop. [15:10:04] {FFFFFF}Jan_Edmund (38){FFFFFF}: hello [15:10:09] [Ask] Angela_Cole (5){FFFFFF}: is it Useless cus i can go ammunation and buy armour from there [15:10:09] {FFFFFF}David_Rogers (3){FFFFFF}: She Give me Love, I fell ova [15:10:12] {FFFFFF}David_Rogers (3){FFFFFF}: no long talk Ye she bend ova, [15:10:20] {FFFFFF}Roronoa_Reznov (14){FFFFFF}: wtf [15:10:21] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [15:10:22] The engine stopped working due to battery death. [15:11:33] Specified player disconnected in the meantime.
  3. What is your in-game name? Katie Riley Which player(s) do you want to report? Mask_98152 When did the rulebreak happen? 07/05/2020 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? max dolar What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was on EMS duty and parked my own personal Car (elegy) behind All Saints.. After like 10 mins i got a notification on my phone that my car alarm went off.. So i drove behind All Saints with an Ambulance to see whats going on.. as soon as the car thief saw me on the minimap he started running.. i chased him from All Saints To Verona where he got a car.. So i kept chasing him and called PD trough Global Radio. PD didnt respond.. He stopped near LSPDHQ.. and (max dolar) was there too so he shouted at the cops to get him, but they still didnt respond so he drove off again and i kept chasing him. LSPD to LS Bank to Glen Park and back then to Temple and then to Vinewood where he stopped and took out his desert deagle.. But luckily i had a Shotgun on me and an armor. I got him knocked in the middle of the road and as soon as i went next to him he left.. Evidence
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